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  1. Im honestly not that knowledgeable for smallies but i know that i was on them in june for 1 week and then they were gone
  2. I was thinking about going down the pier this week/weekend for trout but i honestly dont have much of an idea of what to use, where to cast, or anything I was thinking of throwing cleos (2/3 oz or 3/4 oz) but how deep would i let them sink, what color, or what retreive? Also, i was gonna throw rapala x raps (1-4 ft depth), deep xraps (8-10 ft), xrap shads (4-8 ft) or bomber deep long A ( 10-15 ft). What would be the best choice and what kind of water conditions am i looking for? Suggestions????? Thanks
  3. Btw, how is the charlotte pier right now? i was thinkin about headin down this week. what would i use?
  4. WOW Only a few more weeks till the parents let me out in the yak to chase thase guys
  5. thanks, il try that ive been tying 30 lb steel leader to 17 lb mono but il try the braid once the season starts
  6. Theres a bike path that u can pick up under the oroke bridge and it takes u along the river and then theres a boardwalk that has real good bass n pike fishing, goes right over the river and u can cast toward shore. This would be a good place to start
  7. Hey thanks guys il try the treble and the power pro. Should i still keep a short mono or fluro leader or steel leader on the 30 lb braid?. Btw, is it still illegal to pike fish if im not keeping? To be honest, ive never heard of this
  8. Nope, im using a 7 ft medium heavy rod. Should i use my rod with power pro braid on it instead of mono?
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHH its that global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, couldnt help myself
  10. Ya its like 15 bucks fer 150 yards but i dont think i would go through 3000 yards in a lifetime lol
  11. I went out fishing off the bridge at my fav hotspot and hooked into a few nice Pike and got tons more hits. The only problem was that i was using a 5.5 inch shadalicious swimbait with a 7/0 eagle claw weighted swimbait hook and was having an impossible time getting hookups. Witghout exagerations, i had over 20 hits in 2 hours but i only got a good hookset in 1 and even that one spit the hook after thrashing at the surface I tried rigging with a jig head for a better hookset but it didnt have the same action at slow speeds. I tried everything, from realy yankin back to lettin the pike take it for a few secs. but every time i swung, i missed The pike were taking the lure, in fact crushing it and putting lots of holes in the plastic but somehow not finding the hook that was just laying on top of the lure. Any advice???
  12. nope, i may get out tomorow though but for some pike.
  13. This is a little off topic but i was wondering abourt running dipsys off a kayak. I dont have the right rod and am afraid of the bend and if it will snap my rods. Why couldnt i point the rod directly backwards instead of perpendicular to the line to reduce rod bend? Also, how much drag do these realy create?
  14. Im not to big into the spring bass fishing so im not real sure but summer and fall fish any shore structure like sunkin piers, points, rocks, or other structure
  15. I live right near braddocks so if you go let me know
  16. I couldnt agree with Blueeye more. many of us fisherman have very strong opinions about the great lakes which some even rely on to put dinner on the table. There are hundreds of fisherman on this site, all with their own political veiws who wish to voice their opinions. The great thing about the country we live in is that we all have the right to express our opinions. This is not a site where a funded group spews political ideaology but a place where members can voice their own opinions. You are completely entitled to your opinion as am i as a member of this site. People need to hear both sides of the story and then be able to formulate opinions, as i have found this site to allow. However, we need to leave behind the personal insult. I dont think im speaking alone when i say that i appreciate your opinion even though i dont necesarrily agree with it. You and i have the constitutional right of free speech and you have a right to give your opinion, just as long as it is a priority to leave out personal insult. Thanks Jason Karol
  17. OK thanks, il have to look into that. I just dont want to buy a 50 dollar test and not use it if i dont get on a boat. Thanks
  18. Thats what i would think, that the captain's would cover me
  19. ya this is new to me ive never heard of this. And its not cheap at over 13o bucks
  20. Thanks, when would be the earliest there for bass?
  21. This came from a website about the TWIC Who needs a TWIC? Merchant mariners and individuals who need unescorted access to secure areas of ports, facilities, or vessels regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act ( MTSA) will need to obtain a TWIC. Would this apply to a first mate?
  22. I have a 7'6" heartlander medium light that washed up to my brakewall over the summer if your interested. Looks like some of the lamenent on the outside is chipping but otherwise good. its the black older model
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