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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Jason Karol, aboard the yellow yak ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):10/20/10 Time on Water:4 hours Weather/Temp:60 Wind Speed/Direction:15-25 knots from west, calming as it got dark Waves: 1 ft Surface Temp: mid 50s Location:Lake O, the ponds area LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits:13 Total Boated:8 Species Breakdown:Brown Trout Hot Lure: 3/4 oz cleo, silver/blue or glow orange dot after sunset Trolling Speed: casting Down Speed: Boat Depth:4-20 FOW Lure Depth: top 5 feet of the water colum ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== I put a hurtin on 'em today boys I hadnt seen any fish for 3 weeks, then it exploded. Lots of mature Browns, 4-8 LBS and fighting real good with the cold water, pulling me and the kayak around. Had one tailwalk on the surface for 10-15 feet, with lots of hits right after the lure landed, and on a super fast retreive with some pauses mixed in. Worked real hard for the first 3, then caught the next 5 within a half hour at and just after sundown. Lots of jumpers feeding pretty hard, although i didnt see that many baitfish in the area. Heres some pics of the catches, enjoy Football of the day, 8 LBS and 25"
  2. ahahah "im from the party the rent is too damn high and the biggest propblem in NY is that the rent is too damn high!!!!!". Its incredible that this was probably the line making the most sense all debate Im a fairly strong republican, and am not ashamed to admit that Paladino would get more votes if his campaign were based on him not saying a word
  3. yep largemouths were good in the lake, bigger than usual average but not as many of em
  4. Smallie fishing has been TERRIBLE for me, i havnt heard that many good reports all year
  5. the west (charlottte) side pier is closed for construcion, but the summerville side will do just fine. 3/4 oz cleos work best, especially glow cleos at night after midnight, vary retrieves to find what they want and set real low drag until you hook one, then tighten down if needed. Bring 2 poles, and throw an eggsack on the other rod close to the bottom with a sinker. Good luck, and thanks for the service to keep us safe
  6. btw whoever sent me the email about the 47lc and gander mtn rod, its too big for the kayak, but thanks for the offer.
  7. looks like i'l be pulling the kayak out and doin some trolling this week I had lost the fish, so its nice that someones catchin the browns in my area Would you suggest trolling NK's as well, or just freelining floatin rapala- type lures? thanks
  8. sorry, i ment diawa, thats what happens when you post at 1130 pm Landshark- pm me with a price, id def. be interested in one of em, unless you give me a great deal that is
  9. looking for an Okuma accudepth lc in size 27 as a trolling combo (dipsy rod prefered, 7-10 ft and 2 peice) for my kayak. Are there any out there, im real hesitant to buy the combo for $90 at dicks...
  10. Im fairly positive every single one of my lures says " warning, this product is know by the state of california to contain lead..." So does ban on lead mean litrally every lure out there will be illegal?
  11. thanks, i beleive this one was a king, i didnt realy pay attention to the mouth color though. hopefully il get on the fish this weekend, and post up another report
  12. yep, im one step ahaead of you, thhats where i got the colleges that i wanna go 2. as well they are the only schools that accept tuition exchange from RIT that i get from my mom ( im def. not passin up 29K a year unless its a NY state school)
  13. i think it would be safe to say that i should bring my passport, cuz that sucker would be draggin me to canada eh
  14. now i just have to catch a salmon like the one in Pikehunter's ID picture
  15. I've talked to paul a few times, and my mom works with him... What do you think of the bass club? im looking to join one, and my options are RIT, Univ. of Deleware, Univ. of Florida, or Canisius, but i dont realy wanna go to RIT
  16. yeah, i was actually thinking about hosting a tourney at my place ( private beach near all the ponds) for CAS hours (community service), maybe early next year.... Are you on the Bass team at RIT??? I have a few questions about that...
  17. wish i coulda gotten out there, but the event was over an hour from my house and the parents didnt wanna drive out that far and back looks like you guys had some great fun, and def. for a great cause
  18. thanks, now i need a good rain so that theyre in reach again, im still not being able to find the fish. they'll pop up somewhere again...
  19. I dont know handle msta gotten real excited about the fish i caught... i just think that its real tough nylon, it does it alot. yeah, shadsters right about this bein tons of fun, and its an easy way for me to get out for a few hours w/o having to worry about expenses or issues from a boat. although someday, i wouldnt mind runnin bass tourneys in a nice bass boat
  20. yep, your right ive looked back at some pics of mine and this is what a spawning brown trout looks like the square tale is obvious in this one, with less of the kype.
  21. YES! first salmon he hit a cleo that i was reeling in as fast as i could on top, and then took off. I just figured that it was a brown because of the coloration, as well as the fact that i was pulling out browns from the same school all that day
  22. nope, just a nice male Brown. it looks like a salmon from the color from the pic, but it was deffinantly a brown. im still looking for my first salmon from the yak
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