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  1. These I made several years back and they pull like a mule. Each board was like 21" long. (orange ones) Never had them flip. But don't use them anymore as I went to otter boats a couple years ago.
  2. Used rubber bands and shower curtain hooks for years. Simple, effective, and cheap. I have the small wood clothes pins drilled out and attached to the shower curtain hook. Never had a problem with the line tangling in it.
  3. I too hate peeling paint off brand new lures. A few years ago I tried the Flintstone spoons with the tough gloss finish. I have to say they are the best at paint retention. This pic is a few of my favorites that I routinely run for 3 - 4 years and as you can see very little paint loss.
  4. Selling 25 used Red Eye spoons. Top left 5 spoon are glow in the dark. They are 3 3/4" long. $60 shipped to US only. Thanks
  5. Well Gio, you know who I am........we bought flies from you and you did not send what what we had ordered from you. Then you refused to remedy the situation but instead went into a tirade of cursing and name calling. So yes, I worry about what I buy from people and I am sure others would not like to endure the same. An informed shopper is a happy shopper. As a seller you are responsible to send the correct items people order and in the event of an error correct the situation. It would have been a lot better had you just admitted your mistake and resolved the problem.
  6. Hey Jerry, ya think people may know that you changed your name on here so nobody knew you went by Catch22 ?? Hopefully anyone that bought from you got what they expected and not a bad deal like you did us!!
  7. Hey Jerry, ya think people may know that you changed your name on here so nobody knew you went by Catch22 ?? Hopefully anyone that bought from you got what they expected and not a bad deal like you did us!!
  8. Buyer beware of this seller...... http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/36664-grand-slam-bucktail-flies/ Looks like either Catch22 is using someone else to sell his wares or just started a new name to skirt all his bad publicity on previous a sale. He has refused to correct the problem with the sale, if you call with a problem he will call you assorted names in an attempt to demean you and then send private messages of most unprofessional style. Buy at own risk!!!
  9. Catch22 you may just as well publish your unprofessional messages in open forums for all to see instead of sending them in messages to me. Snide comments concerning my wife has nothing to do with your refusal to resolve a problem that you refuse to correct.
  10. Buyers beware......you may not get what you paid for. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/34949-g-flys/ http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/35609-g-flys/ http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/34557-0-and-00-dodgers/
  11. You may want to check these guys out. http://www.fishonsports.com/ I picked up a pair of the double deck mounts and a pair of the pedestal mounts. Well made, sturdy, and don't break the bank in price. They do lay down flat for running dipsys.
  12. I find that the most important thing is to check the way your bait runs over the side of the rail vs the speed you choose to troll,,,especially body baits as they can get out of tune even after only 1 fish on it. Make sure they are running true. Some body baits run better faster, some slower. If you are mixing spoons and body baits make sure they both are running satisfactorily. Heavy spoons run poorly at slow speeds and light spoons spin out at faster speeds, and most body baits have a preferred speed range. If you are running different brands/styles of body baits it is especially important to check their action to make sure all of them can run in your spread at the same time.
  13. May want to check out Standard Horizon for a chartplotter. The joystick with cursor makes it super quick to scroll around the screen not only to mark locations but for distances to the desired destination. I have mine hooked up to my Matrix AIS radio and it displays ships and boats on the plotter and when my buddy sends me position request his boat also appears on my plotter and I know exactly how far away he is from me. Plus the unit has a 3 year warrant to boot. Hard to beat it. This is a pic of the plotter with a ship traveling on the upbound shipping lane. It is the triangle with the extended line for direction. You will note the cursor in the top right of the screen and the info box on bottom left shows that the cursor is 4.7 miles from my boat position. The cursor and info box only display when you use the joystick so otherwise the screen is free from clutter.
  14. Won't be disappointed???? Really.... We were disappointed that we did not receive the flies we expected...and even further disappointed when I was finally able to contact you and you proceeded to call me names and cuss at me. If you didn't like the bad review I gave you then you should have taken care of the problem. Refusing to do anything until I removed the post only demonstrated that you are more concerned in not losing other sales than taking care of the ones you made. Hopefully nobody else receives the similar "disappointment".
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