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  1. oswego never fished there but plan to this coming late summer, fish mostly out of Wilson/ollcot and the niagara river, I know in the spring these always seem to be the best ports, but in the fall durning the LOC derby Oswego and that area always seem to have alot more winning salmon then this end does.
  2. Its all about money!! I mean I just got done reading an artical about the asian carp and how they are arguing over where or not to shut down the canal. And guess Who doesn't want them to close it yup the Obama administration and why because it'll effect shipping aka there money. Piont here is that really it doesn't matter what we want its all about what they want/can do to line there pockets and the bottom line is that we the sportsmen will have to pay for there mistakes just like all the invasive speaces that they have let get into our waters.
  3. yea the where the water really begins to change temp in just a few feet of depth change(thermolcine) is you usally where you want to start but yea don't be to can depth because this past year my hot temp was 43 but like gray fox siad they can be anywhere, I know for me that I would make a lot of fish in the temp gray fox is talking about but couldn't get those ones to bite, so try to experiment and use your graph as well, plus time of day and what kind of presentation you are using also can effect what your target temp is.
  4. just woundering/taking a poll on what port people like the best for kings and what time of year.
  5. the 3 rod rule would make it easer for those of us who are regualur fishermen aka non charter captians whos number of people depend on who that find to go which alot of times is for me is just dad and me and only being abile to use 2 rods apeace only which really inhibites our ability to catch fish.
  6. yea i was just woundering if that no restiance line stuff worked or not. cause i see there are a couple of different kinds.
  7. Larry I totally agree with you. I've heard the stories about how the lake was so polluted that it could damn near start on fire lol, and i know that the salmon and alwiefs are not native, but like you siad there isn't the numbers anymore and yea the fishing is still the best in the world i think its more of these carp that have got me scared just looks like one more nail in the old coufen
  8. hate to be a pain the butt but i dont believe this temps that have been set out to be true, this past year was wierd for salmon fishing the best temp seemed to be around 43 degrees for some wierd reason, also the big thing to look for really is where the thermal clien is, because yea fish have a prefferd temp but the big thing is to find where the water changes cause thats where the bait is.
  9. I just saw this downrigger cable stuff in cablas that is totally water resitant, and doesn't make nose like the wire downrigger cable does, i was woundering if anyone is using this stuff already and could tell me weather or not to get it, cause i've notice that my one downrigger that i use for my temp and speed gauge gets hit 9 times out of 10 and i was thinking its cause it's rapped in that rubber coating and doesn't make nose and if thats why it gets hit all the time?
  10. Ok I don't care what anyone says there is no where's near the amount of trout and salmon in the lake as there used to be!! ok i'm a 21 years old and i've fished for trout and salmon from the time i could walk and i'm totally crazy about them. but i've seen nothing but decline in the numbers of trout and salmon in the lake and it scares me, like i'm the only one concerned? question will they ever truely rebound to the hey days? and with all these invasive speices i don't get it you would think that they would have got the message when the zebra muscles go into the lake but no they didn't!! and now theres these stupid carp that should have had there path into the great lakes cut off mounths ago but it wasn't, and i'd just like to say i'm tired of having my passion and my other peoples passion and even lively hood be put on the back burner!!!! I just hope that the trout and salmon don't go the way of the blue pike!
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