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  1. just like spoonfed siad the best way to release steelhead or any trout or salmon is to not bring them into the boat. on my boat i have swiming platforms that you can step on to get close to the water which helps to release them alive and well.
  2. not a big fan of copper myself do to the droppes on the tangle problems it causes, i find if the dipseys aren't working nothing else will.
  3. don't feel bad about letting that big king go, me and my dad let go a 15lb laker so i know how you feel, ps please God let the smallest laker be bigger then 15lb
  4. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6/19-6/20 Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: uncountable Total Boated:uncountable Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== had one of the best weekends/day i have ever had, saturday lost count after 20 fish landed, mix between kings and steelhead. Sunday it really broke loss tried to run 4 rods and from about 5:45-11a.m. probably didn't have more then 3 rods in the water at a time due to the fact that as soon as i would put down they where off. landed a bunch of cohos, and steelhead, 6 kings, 2 lakers, and even 1 fat atlantic. everything was working paddles off the wires out 260 and spoons on riggers down 100-112, trolled in 240-300 in front of ollcott. Learned ONE big thing when running paddles off dipseys never use a leader line less then 30lb, lost 3 dreamweavers over the weekend, so if anyone catches a fish with a dreamweaver in its mouth please return it
  5. no weather report or info would have helped you i was out on the bar when the wind went from SW to east just like someone fliped a switch!!!!!!!!!! totally uncool!!! then you turn the radio on and there talking about SW winds and waves one foot or less.
  6. well it was pretty hot the end of april and beging of may, but it seems as if we have gone into that june transition faze earlier then normal. it may be do to the warm spring.
  7. the light cycles i think have a lot to do with it, i know the salmon run in the niagara river is almost totally ideantical year after year as to when they start coming in, but with pretty much every other water flow into the lake water flow is a big must.
  8. well that hurts but i guess everyone has there own opinions. olcott is pretty much the most popular port though overall. 18 mile has a bigger name then places like wilson and the river doesn't have alot of places for the charter captians to keep there boats or that i know, but never count out the bar expisally come mid to late august or even ealier when your having a hard time finding kings usally there are lake trout somewhere on the bar.
  9. the red barn is a couple of miles west of olcott and its basically just a red barn that you can see lol, the microwave plant is the power plant to the east of olcott where you see the smoke stack theres warm water discharges out in front of it.
  10. haha where do they go in june thats a really good question! I have been fishing out there for years and my dad and gradfather started out fishing for salmon back when they first starting stocking them and to this day they have always dispursted in come the end of may beging of june. and no one really knows where they go at least at this end. all i know is that they start out in the every most wester end of the lake then they start showing up to easter ports more and more, then like someone fliped a light switch they dispare and scater. I think that what happends is that the lake gets to a certian temp where the water throught the lake is basically the same, and combine that with all the bait now coming back into the lake from spawning that things dispures until the lake gets into the 70's and then they reappear out about 15 miles in july.
  11. well i would hate to say don't come up here and fish, i mean thats what it was like for me last weekend, so i don't know if they are leaving like they usally do in june, or maybe they will come back and be there this weekend idk. but this past weekend for the first that i didn't manage to boat more then 10 mature kings in a morning and it was diedist pic ive had this year put like i siad before things can change very quickly.
  12. be forwarned its not to go out there as of last weekend, the big kings seemed to have moved on, my screen was basically blank aside from bait and little inmature kings, and the picture got worse from saturday to sunday and i trolled from the bar all the way to olcott and back. but as it is with the big pond one day can change everything.
  13. not so sure its a gizzard shad i'm thinking whitefish.
  14. from what i've read and heard whitefish are hugly common in the lake. but no one fishes for them.
  15. well is probably the worst mounth to catch kings at this end of lake, personally i would hold off till july, otherwise your probably going to end up catching just lakers. but hey thats just me junes my least favorite mounth
  16. i'm with jax on this one, definetly will be something in the 40 range come the fall loc, and man i hope its me , as far as 50lb goes thats a stretch but i've heard rumors that the dec has pulled 50lb kings off the fish ladder on the salmon river before but as i siad that was a rumor, i'd say if the bait stays like it is next year the kings will be even bigger then this year, and from what i'm seeing from the size of kings i'm catching this year the average kings is about 19-20lb so come august i'd say the average king is going to be about 24-25lb aka its coming to be a fun summer by the looks of it.
  17. no way there will be 40+ kings come august no dought, and i'd say next year they will be even bigger if the bait stays like it is.
  18. from what i've been told and seen that electrical storms are really bad for salmon fishing out in the lake but just rain is good for salmon fishing usally makes them come up in the water column
  19. yea i'm thinking that this year its going to take a 40lb to win the fall LOC.
  20. I was woundering is there a wiegth limit for the spring LOC derby? i know the fall is 25lb for kings and 10lb for trout and so on but didn't see anything for the spring or summer
  21. Thanks for the report, man i was out on the bar and so where alot of people and no one has siad or was saying anything kinda like a secorte soicity , anyways your report is really good and informational cause that report of the size of the kings like that 27lb gives us a rule of thumb on what is needed for the spring LOC and the fall LOC and it looks like its going to take about a 30lb for the spring and i would say around a 40 for the fall, nice to see size like that.
  22. fished out on the bar friday and saturday and we pounded on them! so yea kings are biting out in front of your port.
  23. lake ontirio will frustrate you all the time i know everytime i think i got it down I get totally slaped in the face. like today for example several boats around me where catching salmon and i could barly move a rod lol
  24. i have to agree with the idea of increasing stocking numbers. I diped smelt this year once WHICH was all that was needed cause it was totally ridiculas, i think two dips and I had a full bucket. If anything they should atleast increase the brown trout stocking cause like brucehookedup there are alot of gobys which from what i have read and heard are eaten like crazy by the browns, plus all of the fish i've been catching this year have been just as fat as they are long so there seems to be no sorta of bait. I'd have to say one thing from what i've seen so far this year looks like 30 plus pound kings may be very common this year and into the future. Honsitly I think alot of what you hear about them not wanting to increase stocking now may come from what the money factor of rasing all the fish. Also this makes me wounder if maybe the bait population is going to keep growing and stay strong like it was years ago, maybe the bait fish are adapting to ever changing lake?
  25. well lets put it this way 75 feet of leadcore will start rubbing bottom in about 15 feet of water, learned that the hard way. hope this helps
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