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  1. Looks like it broke its noise runing into the wall in the hatchery.
  2. ok thanks that makes me feel better because they guy at the LOTSA show told me he was going to email me updates and i haven't heard anything from him. thanks for the info
  3. Just out of curiosity how many of ppl are in or are going to get into the pay everday derby as i signed up this year?
  4. i drive along side the river everyday to work, and theres quit a bit of ice floating down the upper river.
  5. the wind pushed alot of ice down the river already, and with the removal of the boom today it wont be long i'm pumped nothing like hittin a king!!!
  6. "The DEC ought to be stocking just fish that reproduce naturally in the lakes. Example: Lake Ontario - Atlantic Salmon and Walleyes and forget the rest." Yea great idea o wait didn't Atlantic Salmon disapear do to lack of good spawning ground??? o and walleyes don't they have reproduction problems because the alwieves eat all there eggs, the same alwieves that the fish we now stock keep in check??
  7. Well with an overcaste day like today and the fact that everything is just unthawing id say theres no warm water to cause baitfish consentrations and therefore trout and salmon consentrations, but once you start having temp deffernces like you allouded to earlier there will be greater consentrations of fish.
  8. Well the main problem is not that we get our oil form other countries its because its a globle market, so since china and india sucking up huge amounts of oil daily it causes demand to go up and prices as well. The only thing we can do is protest like by in 08 and the price should fall again or just completly kill the economy.
  9. I agree with spoonfed-1, i find that running Dipsys for me atleast seems to be more effective. plus when using cooper it can cause alot of tangles when you hit a big king on one of your rigger rods because you'll have so much line out . i also run the Shimano Tekota 600 LC and Tolara roller rods and couldn't be happier, but if you want boards i would recomend Otter boards or make your own.
  10. yea the best thing you can do if you want to release them is to not net them, use say grips to land them and try to get them back into the water as fast as possible.
  11. thanks everyone for the great information, this helps ALOT
  12. Every time i take out random people/new people i always have problems with steering the boat(every time i let someone thats not a normal crew member we go around in circles lol) and i was woundering how or what kind of auto pilots people use so that I can just punch in the cordinates of where i want to go and the boat will steer itself.
  13. I was woundering if anyone has any info about blind drawing for blinds along the upper niagara river. like where to draw, when and what days you can get a blind for?
  14. i choose CCCCC big time, they are far and few between in the niagara river two.
  15. how long it takes for it to flip back depends on the wind, and one of the best tips i can give you for avoiding this is to plan trips more in july, the lake is way more stable then, then it is now with the weather starting to do its change thing. I know out of Olcott it was killer in july and you didn't have to go to far out.
  16. Well siad Vince, the amount of bait out there is crazy and all of the alwieves i see in the stomachs in the fish that i have cleaned are huge aka backing up what you are saying. If anything i think this year has shown that the DEC is really just saying we don't have the money or don't want to spend the extra money to stock more fish because that would mean some big gov't guy won't get to line he's pocket.
  17. is there a website where I can go and check the updated wieghts for the orleans county derby that starts this saturday??
  18. haha really she told me it was going to my bank account lol
  19. thats what i ment to say was in years to come if all goes well i'd love to see some more tourneys like this expisally at the western end of the lake
  20. this is a great idea!!! I know this a new thing but i would just like to put my vote in by saying would love to see this get expanded to other ports!!!
  21. the fleas where terrible this weekend, they where so bad i couldn't keep them off anything they where on my 30lb, the wires and even the downrigger cables! does anyone have any insight about why they where so bad over the weekend?
  22. i'd go bar for spring and fall, but olloct for the summer
  23. run heaveir line, run 30lb as your main line, and use wire on the dipsey's, and whatever you do don't run braid that stuff attrackes fleas like mad.
  24. earlier in the year when the fish are in a more of feeding mode less action side, where in late august when the salmon get picky and you try to play a little more on there angery side i find that the more action side works best.
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