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  1. that may have been me. all but the first fish of the day came as a double.
  2. Yeah he didn't miss my planner board by much. I can't believe how he just drove through everyone like that totally I his own little world. I heard you guys yell at him.
  3. Tough fishing indeed I think the only fish I saw caught was team Rigged's 30 lber that almost lost when that sail boat tried to run everyone over.
  4. I'm ok with cuts due to the current data as long as we have a guarantee that they will increase the stocking of kings once the bait rebounds. I know Steve and Andy made it sounds like it was for sure thing at the meeting but I would feel better if we had something in writing.
  5. I just hope the tugboat got a few of them.
  6. take a look at the tails of the ones Vision Quest has been posting. you will notice that they spots on there tails unlike a Ho.
  7. Fished Saturday morning out of Olcott and did pretty good out deep. They weren't all huge fish but a nice mix of year classes which is nice to see. I'm not sure what Sundays blow did to the fish but I'd say get up here and fish. The fishing isn't bad and there is very few ppl around so you don't have to fight the crowds.
  8. Probably not a bad idea, maybe if everyone starts doing that just maybe the DEC will get the hint and cut the numbers they are stocking. and yeah I know never going to happen but I can dream plus would anyone notice if they cut lake trout stocking in half.
  9. VERY true and the same can be said about the Atlantic Salmon they are stock. Just like the blue pike the fish that swam in LO 200 years ago and are long gone and the LT's and Atlantic's of today are not really any more native then the kings and steelys. And Brian everyone is buying your rigs one because LT's maybe all that's left, two the oak pro am and three you catch some seriously impressive LT's.
  10. For a fish that very few want we put a lot of them in our lake
  11. Due to the LT's preferred temps and depths, gobies will only be available to them in the cold months so from say June to say September/October they are eating smelt and alewives. If the DEC really want to stock a trout that ate gobies more often then not they would increase the number of browns being stocked.
  12. thanks for the tips I think I have a better idea now of what I'm going to do. I was going to head towards the Kenai but after Gill-T's post I'm thinking I'll stay above Anchorage.
  13. Due to work schedules my wife has me going around the first half of July.
  14. Thanks Gill-T that makes me feel better as I have had a few ppl tell me the fishing wasn't very good aside from the Halibut fishing. But these ppl aren't regular salmon fishermen and they just fished the Kenai so I'm not sure how to take there experience. I take it you have been there?
  15. Thanks I think one of the places we are staying offers a charter so will do.
  16. My wife and I are planning a trip to Alaska next summer. Currently the plans are to rent an RV as she wants to go Denali and go to various places on the Highway, then we are going to fly out to one of the remote towns in Southwest Alaska. I'd like to catch some of the fish species that we don't have here like sockeyes, graying and Dollys. I've been doing research and there seems to be a lot water and HUGE amount of regulations. So being a once in a life time trip I was wondering if someone on here who has been to Alaska wouldn't mind sharing some tips and there experience.
  17. I checked the torments rules on the Pro Am website and its states that you can only fish out of the 4 Niagara county ports of Wilson, Olcott, the Niagara, and Golden Hill.
  18. I put a kicker on boat just to have extra engine, but the fuel savings are huge just like Chas0218 if you troll a lot.
  19. I was out in the boat the other day on a lake in WNY and the water temp was still in the mid 40's. So the lakes have a ways to go before they freeze even if we do get cold weather.
  20. I've heard Lapan say that as well but I don't really believe it. Just look at the different wild stocks Kings for example the large Kenai kings that reach maturity around years 6 and 8. In theory if you took eggs from these fish you get 6 to 8 year old fish or in our case if you took eggs from 2 year old fish you would get 2 year old fish more often then not, because that's the dominate genetic make up of the fish you are getting the eggs from.
  21. I'm been having that issue lately seems like there just not migrating down like normal. Thinking maybe its do to the warm weather.
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