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  1. 8 ft will work fine, as far as boat traffic if your going to fish the Bar then there really is no avioding it, as for species of fish it kinda depends on what bar you fish, I would say that the bar around the green can should be getting red HOT for anything from kings all the way to lakers. thats where you can cacth multiple species but if you want manly kings the second bar by the red can is the way to go which is in my opion the best place to catch spring kings in may.
  2. I was woundering there isn't enough water to launch out of the fort so i was woundering what are the rules for launching at the youngstown launch is it free or anything?
  3. anyone been fishing out of olcott, wilson or the niagara river? just woundering cause everyones been taking about the eastern end lol.
  4. I'm looking for 1 or 2 used cannon mag 10 downriggers, if anyone has any that they would like to part with let me know.
  5. did anyone fish seneca fish today?
  6. who said anything about being under power?
  7. why would it not be? you can shoot ducks in a boat on the lake.
  8. landlocks or lakers? and man you guys are killing me been trying to get senaca for a couple of weeks now! how do you think this weekend is going to be with the wind?
  9. ok ppl are allowed to have there own opions, but when there opion is that they like fishing but then there like i support and vote to put those in office who want to stop me from fishing, aka doesn't make sense your opion is valid only if it makes sense. like say i'd rather use down reggers to catch salmon then dipsies.
  10. well snubbers main perpus so to help take the shock off your mono line running from your dipsies, so in my opinion you need snubbers expecially if your going to take that same setup and run it on the big pond. and for losing fish never had that problem with dipsies are you using tribble hooks and what kind of line you running on your rod?
  11. I'm with borderline 350 i'm tierd of getting pushed around and losing more rights by the minute, ppl like peta are crazy and don't look at the world in realistic veiw! and as far as being left is concerned how can you be an outdoorsmen or women and support a group that wants nothing more then to stop you from being abile to hunt and fish.
  12. HAHA really thats just messed up like really!!! Some people really need to get a life a job or something! Another thing here that bothers me is that no one has hierd of this going on. just us LOU members but this is totally sick! If they stop us from fishing I riot in the streets! like when did america stop being the land of the free?
  13. thanks everyone for the suggestions figured it out though it was a bad carborator
  14. yea did all of that, got starting fluid to, its carborated so i don't know if that helps with any ideas
  15. I can't seem to get my inbord out bord started, i have good compression, good gas, spark. anyone got any tricks to get it started?
  16. its a good idea but the anti's wount let us!! its the price we pay for living in a communist state.
  17. jimski2 you are totally right!!! about the park employees my bet is that they closed the launch just to piss us off and stuff then when the dec and stuff got emailed, they where forced to reopen. I know that during this rabbit hunting season i got yelled at in Tuscarora for hunting in there by the parks ppl even though hunting is totally allowed which is why they stock pheasents in it.
  18. well how steep is it? like will i be able to pull my big boat out? hopefully ice wount be a problem saturday and sunday are suposed to be pretty warm.
  19. I'm planing on coming down to senica this weekend, i've only fished the north end and i hear that the salmon are more at the south end then the north end. And i was woundering how the boat launch is at the south end because i just bought 22 foot trophy last fall and i'm woundering if i could launch it, or should i bring my 17 footer, but i'd really like to try out my new boat.
  20. What about numbers 3-4 fish doesn't seem that good to me, like where there alot of fish in the rivers, or was it still a little to early?
  21. Well I was done there sunday at 3 and road that leades down to the launch was gated off at all 3 enterance ways that you would use to get down there. I'm going to check it out agian on wednesday to see whats up, It could because of the snow IDK, i just want to know if its the park clouser thing that i've been reading about. Even though i didn't see the fort on the closed list.
  22. Hey thanks Gill-T, I was thinking about that just after i put my last post on, the big thing is i fish bar a lot from salmon, and i don't feel like running all the way from ollcott or wilson just to get to it. How does the launch at youngstown work, like what do you have to pay?
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