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  1. Try putting a 4 Inch Fly behind it. One of my pro staffers Capt. Lucas Falkner crushes the big trout with them with a fly!
  2. 3 Meat Riggs at $12 each, 4 Finger Lake Tackle Mag Spoons at $8 each, 3 Flintstone Trolling Spoons at $6 each, 2 Silver Streaks at $5 each and 2 Yeck Trolling spoons at $5 each and then shipping at $5. Total of $111 and all items are brand new.
  3. All of this Brand New for $90 Shipped and for Canada $95 Shipped.
  4. I have listed a bunch more colors and I will be listing more colors in the next week!! Still just $10 each!!!!
  5. ITo Flies is now making Meat Rigs and for a Introductory sale they are only $10 each!! Sale will not last long so do not wait!!! http://itoflies.com/products/meat-rigs
  6. They are still making the meat heads. I recently bought 500 of them from Gibbs Delta. You must make a large purchase from them. I do have some of the "super herring" size in the UV Purple Haze color for sale but that is the only color of the super herring that I have right now. Will be getting more in the next month or so. Hope this helps.
  7. The Bay Rat Lures were awesome for Browns last year and they have a bead in the head of every bait so they all rattle!!
  8. Thanks Legacy and King Me!! Tank I can make you any color that you need!!! Here is the page on my website to just buy the 2 inch flies http://itoflies.com/products/flies/2-inch-coho-killer and if you do not see the colors you want I will make it for you or anyone else!! Ryan
  9. Stayed in this hotel last year and will be again this year! They have a great breakfast bar for $10 and the bar and food was not bad at all for the night time fun!!! See you all there!!!
  10. Make sure when you enter the code that the BF are capital and there is no spaces. BFriday is what you type in. As far as the shipping I send everything with tracking and propriety mail so that the postal service does not misplace your purchase!!!!
  11. Ya I know the photo is not the best but the transparent UV Tape is hard to get a picture of on a clear piece of plastic!!! The tape will turm from blue to purple colored as it moves. I will try and take a better one tonight but the fish catching power of this color of tape is just Awesome!!! I have attached another photo of the Tape on some more Rotators for you guys!!!!
  12. here is the link to these rotators on my website. http://itoflies.com/products/ito-rotators/uv-ito-rotator On the website it is listed at $8 so if you use discount code BFriday for this years Black Friday Sale it will give you 20% off of your purchase. There are also 7 other rotators listed for purchase now on my site.
  13. These rotating flashers have a similar rotation to the spindoctor. UV tape is top of the line from WTP. I am selling these for $7 each without swivels. These rotators were ran this past summer and helped produce some great catches on Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan. This is an introductory price and once for sale at the shows and on my website they will be more. Just send me a message if you would like to buy some. This one is just over 9 inches in length and I do have a smaller version that is around 7 inches. Do not miss out on this great deal!!! Ryan
  14. Dylan585 just as an idea my parents live in florida and my brother and I go down there and fish every couple of years. What we do for gear down there is go to the pawn shops and we can always find good gear for a really good price!!!
  15. http://itoflies.com/products/owner-hooks/owner-treble-hook-size-2-0 If you want more then 20 I will work out a deal with you just get ahold of me!!!
  16. Starting my yearly Fall Sale on my website!!! The first 5 purchases on my site will get 25% off of there entire order!!! Don't wait it wont last long!!! Use Discount code "Fall14" and do it fast!!!! WWW.ITOFLIES.COM This sale does include all of the combos that I sell on my site!!!
  17. It is always a great show and ITO Flies will be bringing a bunch of new stuff this year that I am sure you will all like!!!!
  18. Loon head cement is what we use. You can usually find it in a bottle with a small brush so it is a lot easier to put on!!!
  19. SBS2013 is the discount code to use for my website www.itoflies.com. That includes all of the New Walleye Harnesses and the combos!!!
  20. http://itoflies.com/products/flies/fly-combos/lake-ontario-special-hybrid This 12 Fly combo is for sale on my site right now for $42 Rigged and $35 Unrigged. This sale will only last until next Saturday and these are some of the flies that helped win the Fall King of the Lake Tourney!!! This is a great kit for you to try some of the 6 Inch flies!!!!
  21. Big Congrats from ITO Flies to Captain Steve, Lucas, Branden and Justin for putting on such a great showing for ITO Flies and getting ITO our first major tourney win!!! Sure look forward to working with the Team next year and bringing home some more tourney wins on those 6 Inch Flies!!!!
  22. Great post man thanks for sharing the awsome photos with the great detail!!!!
  23. We will be at the Niagra Pro Am with lots of goodies for the fishes!!! If you want to come see the goodies give me a ring at 219-229-4390 or just hit me up on here ahead of time! Also you can always find the ITO 6 Inch Flies at Slippery Sinker, Captains Cove, Narbys and Fat Nancys!!! Slippery Sinker has a new shippment on the way that should be there by Tuesday and they will now have over 20 colors!!!!
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