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  1. I'm with Has been on this one. We have a cup in the truck that we pitch money in before we pull out. At the least they buy a plug or spoon for the boat. [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Lakeview motel if they have any rooms. [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Looking good Tony. If I didn't have a thing for hardtops the saber would be my choice. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. SOLD [ Post made via Android ]
  5. GPS speed is 20 to 21 at 3200. It has the 205Hp 4 barrel motor. Good on gas. I carried alot of gear. It will scoot if ya get into the 4 barrel. [ Post made via Android ]
  6. Bump [ Post made via Android ]
  7. More pictures added. [ Post made via Android ]
  8. 4.3 mercruiser with alpha one. new stainless prop. power steering,60 gal fuel tank (full of fresh gas). trim tabs,full swim platform. Boat- new shifter, raytheon X-11 radar.Eagle fishfinder-GPS, VHF radio and antenna. transom replaced and stringers repaired 3 years ago before I bought it. I have replaced the gimbal ring,new short shifter cable,all new bellows,new tilt and trim switches,relaced outdrive water pump and installed stainless prop. Motor has a fresh tune up with cap,rotor,plugs and wires. new timing chain and gears. starter and alternator have been rebuilt. The boat is 22 years old so YES there are drilled holes in the dash and gunwels. overall nice shape. I fished this boat hard on Erie and Ontario. she has been good to me but my kids wanted a bigger cuddy so I bought a Trophy. sits on a Shorelander tandom trailer with 4 wheel surge brakes,LED lights and radial tires. $6500 724-730-1504 call of text
  9. Camo521 http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/amourecyplbo.html Got mine here.
  10. I just got a set of the redwood boards. They fold up nice and look well made. I did see on there web site they say there plastic ones pull harder. Not sure my mast could take much more..lol [ Post made via Android ]
  11. What Lastminute said. I would call BOE marine. They will fix you up. Be ready a good transom mount ducer ain't cheap. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Tim I think your so right. You guys in N.Y. are the most courteous operators I've seen. You should see walnut creek in Erie on a nice weekend. It's enough to make you want to give up fishing. [ Post made via Android ]
  13. Here in Pa anyone operating a boat over 25HP born after Jan. 1st 1982 must have a boater safety certificate. It is available online. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. That's ok Tom. Looks like I will have to hit the local Fab shop. Jim [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Thanks guys. The one I posted the pic of is a vertical. I understand they discontinued it. Was hoping someone had a couple laying around.
  16. Anyone know where I can find a pair of these? Thanks
  17. I got some heavy black shrink tubing from a local electrician. Left it hang over the end of the handle a half inch and heated with a heat gun. It's never coming off. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Thank you Hank. [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Does anyone make a good pump for removing oil through the dip stick tube?? The one I have sucks but in a different way. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. fishless


    Try BOE marine. I got an AirMar there for my Furuno. [ Post made via Android ]
  21. I run regular baldwin filters. I think the only difference is the cans on the marine filters are thicker to withstand rust from high moisture areas of some bilges. I f you change oil every 50 hours and use your boat like I do you will be fine. Jim
  22. Ok so I bought a used radar for my boat. Thank you Yankee Troller. Got it all mounted and stood back to check out my work. looks good. Then it hit me I trailer this boat everywhere and alot. Is it going to hurt the array spinning in the wind when my HEMI is speeding down the road??????
  23. My 25 year old redwood boards have seen there better days. Its time to replace them so what do you guys think? Otter boats or good old wooden boards? [ Post made via Android ]
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