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  1. Probes are on sale from Moor's till Feb. 13th. Nice ride. Jim [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Who is running one? Are they worth the money? [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Iceman thank you very much for the pictures. That looks like one I will sure look into. Jim [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Price is not really an issue. I am just looking for a good one. [ Post made via Android ]
  5. I need to update. What's your opinion? I'm.looking for color and ease of use. Thanks Jim [ Post made via Android ]
  6. That was just wrong. I was a few boats down from it. Wes had to spend some money on that prank there was a ton of bananas on there. the new guy on my boat this year whipped out a bag of banana chips and i about thew him out in front of the power plant. jim
  7. They do a great job of skipping across the water sideways. Is it me or what? i'm ready to throw them in the trash and go back to my wood boards. Thought it would be nice to have a set that folded up flat. Thanks for any help.
  8. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/ ... n=e&page=1 She is clearing off quick now.
  9. This does create problems for all of us. I am a school bus contractor in Pa. I have 18 units and have storage tanks on site for diesel and gas. They shoved the ultra low sulfer diesel fuel on us and then bio-diesel. fuel mileage went to hell and water problems have been a big issue. the E10 gas was another nightmare. The E10 cleans all the crap out of an older fuel tank sending it right to the filter and corrodes aluminum. With lots of work I have overcome these problems but I have to to stay in business. first thing is treat gas with 104 plus octane booster. fuel mileage returns but it's $8.00 a bottle second stock up on sta-bil. if there is any aluminum in your fuel system use it often. third switch spin on fuel filters to Ethanol blend filters. Bio tek brand part number 70122 fit my Thompson Change filters often and take spares with you on the lake. Ethanol makes water and with cold mornings and hot days on the lake this should really suck.I run 104 plus in my boat to,makes that V-6 snort Guys running outboards I would install a spin on filter before it hits your motors. This is a huge slap in the face to us guys trying to have fun and a bigger pain to the charter captains. Good luck, I would like to see this fuel go away. It has not decreased our need for imported oil and creates higher emissions than regular unleaded gas. But hey we have health care now right?
  10. Thanks Tom I sent the e-mail. I think it's a great idea. Maybe i could keep my kids on the boat in erie if they would pass this. We catch fish but if they didn't have time to sit down they would enjoy it much more. Jim
  11. Your .243 is just fine. They kill tons of deer here in Pa. Leave the rem. core-junk on the shelf at wal-mart where it belongs. Buy some good quality ammo and you will be much better off. My 2 cents worth jim
  12. So Ray , Are you fighting the tree rat for them peanuts now?
  13. Zach thanks for the dates. I live close and missed it last year somehow. It is a nice show they put on there. Jim
  14. Yes... it was going away if I trimmed up at the first days of our trip. Then it would not go away thought i was going to have to get towed in by the end. Jim
  15. Transom and stringers where replaced two years ago by a marina in ohio. they took the top half of the boat off to do it. the owner before me showed me the bill. glad i didn't have to pay for that. I replaced the bellows and gimble bearing for good measure before i started fishing her. Hank, I will check to see if I did seat the bearing all the way in. may be my bad. The owner before me used it as a ski boat. so I think he was kinda hard on it. Thanks a ton guys. Jim
  16. thanks gambler new water flaps in her and gimble bearing is as new condition. recently replaced. Jim
  17. Ok heres whats going on. at trolling speeds i get a LOUD knocking from either my bell housing or transom ring. It sent me home early from a trip to Olcott this week. I got home and pulled the outdrive off. the gimbel bearing is new and still good. I own the expensive engine alignment tool. everything is good there. now my bell housing moves side to side I think way to much and the transom ring move up and down alot. Would this make a noise like i am hearing? The outdrive and driveshaft are ok other that maybe my prop is out of balance. Somebody help me please ,my old battle wagon ain't catching fish this way. thanks Jim
  18. Thats It... thanks Adam, Your the man. Jim
  19. Last year I watched Captain Vince fueling the thrillseekr and he had a catch can that suction cupped to the overflow. Does anyone have a link to where I can find one of these. No body has them around me here in Pa. Thanks for any help. Jim
  20. Paul Harbor resort in olcott 716-778-5190 Nice place to stay. Newfain marina 716-778-5462 call for a slip. there is 2 bars across the creek in town. Jim
  21. Somebody NEEDS to get a life if thats all he has to draw.... I have never heard an ouch, moan or cry when a fish hits the floor of my boat. jim
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