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  1. I can see you calling in some golfers too!
  2. Nice buck. Hope you are not stuck hunting on the town park property with everyone.
  3. Have you tried zooming in on it. See a few stickers.
  4. Those golf course deer you are hunting are use to people being around and the ambient noise produced around the links.
  5. I was reading this link: http://nyhuntclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=414 I heard it was shot in Alabama NY. Here are some more pics of some NY deer. http://nyhuntclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=414
  6. That is not cool! Hope someone can get it back to you asap. Watch craigslist and post the theft on cl too maybe. Call pawn shops perhaps. Contact pro shops in case they keep it for their self and need to adjust it to their drawlength. Will car insurance cover the theft? Yours truly, ChasePhase (Pal-Mac class of 91)
  7. Just looking for any smelting reports from Lake Ontario through the Finger lakes. Usually hit Canandaigua and Naples Creek. I know it's not like it use to be and if I want any real smelting action; then the Niagara river is the place. A bit too far though. Thanks and good luck.
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