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  1. Mike, Happy new year to you too. I would take $25 for the pair. They have the motors in them, and curcit breakers, and plugs. The best way I can figure to ship these due to the weight,is in a flat rate priority box for $14.95.Let me know - Jeff Btw I put 12 volts to them and they did work.
  2. Mike, I'm going to be listing a bunch of stuff on ebay in the next few weeks. These cannon parts included. I will hold off on the housings until last, just to make sure you have what you need - Jeff
  3. I have 2 housings with the motors in them. I think they are from old digitrolls. If you think they are the same, make me an offer. They both fit in a large flat rate box, so shipping will be $14.95
  4. I was on WharfRat, we got hit with that wave too
  5. You guys are a great group to fish with. Capt. Tom and I look forward to your return Labor Day.
  6. Bob, We have 8 pens ready to put nets on. The tops need to be carried across the road, with a half dozen strong backs we can get them all in one shot. Still need to get the nets out. I think they are in the same barn as your boat, but way in the back. Mick called me last night, and offered to help with that. Give me a call or text when you want to dig them out.
  7. I should be ok Bob. I think most of that is brewed in Rochester
  8. As far as I know I'm the only one that has been out. Fished from the ladders to Johnsons We did get some Brown trout.
  9. Jay-Ve on Norton St. Just east of Portland
  10. Vic, The evileyes are in the mail. Thanks again Jeff. FYI there is some neddlefish on ebay.
  11. Vic, The evileyes are packed up and ready to ship. Pay me when you can, and I'll get them in the mail. Thanks again - Jeff
  12. Vic, I'm using an old computer and having trouble responding to your PM. I'll take your offer of $35.00 for the evileyes. You can paypal me at my email address. [email protected] PM me your shipping info. Thanks - Jeff
  13. I have 18 2F evileyes now the 66 series. Will let them go for $45.00 shipped.
  14. 3 dozen carrylite magnum shells. missing 1 head. $350.00 or make a reasonable offer. Sorry don't have pics.
  15. Bob, count WharfRat Tom and myself in for the JV
  16. Mick's bday ended when his ol lady dragged him out of the North
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