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  1. Yes, My Verado will troll at 1.4 to 1.6 mph.... but I prefer to use the 9.9 pro kicker because I figured it out that I only burn a gallon or less an hour when trolling. When the lake is rough I have to use the Verado because it is a pain in the butt to steer the boat in 3 to 4 foot waves. The Verado prop is deeper and easier when it is rough out. I love my boat. Hitting the lake on Thursday to bust some browns and lakers in the shallows. Bite is on!

  2. Yes, I have a minn kota trolling motor with a remote control and the chairs from the pack can be put in the front so I can sit down and cast from the bow. if I am fishing for bass or pike and in a lake then I take the riggers and tree off in 5 minutes. Also when we are water skiing, wake boarding or tubing. I can convert the boat to a bass boat in 5 minutes with the Bert's track system. 1 alan head screw and slide the stuff off.

  3. I would highly recommend the StarCraft. I know you said that you fish walleye mostly but the main difference that I see on the two boats is the transom. Looks like the Trophy has a low transom compared to my StarCraft that has a 35 inch transom. I had a 6 to 7 foot rogue wave come over the back of my old PolarCraft while trolling with the waves and after having 400 gallons of water in the boat in 2 seconds I bought another boat with a transom that the water could not come over the back of it. If you are going to fish Lake Ontario I recommend the one with a real transom. If you are in lakes and places where the weather won't come up at a moments notice and be in a Victory at Sea type of climate then the transom doesn't matter. My father always told me that it is a long walk home if the boat breaks down or something bad happens. I grew up in San Diego working on sport fishing charter boats and commercial fishing boats 100 miles out in the Pacific Ocean. Last but not least, I have been very happy with my StarCraft and have been out on 6 to 8 foot days and the only boat out. Never felt threatened but always cautious. Didn't plan to be out there on those days but the weatherman lies and is never right. Picture of the transom of my boat.


  4. I have a 2012 Fishmaster 196 with a 200 and 9.9 kicker and I love it. I fish bass, pike and spend most of my time in the big lake chasing the kings. Also the kids love to wake board and water ski and I can take the 4 riggers off in 10 minutes and go wherever I want. I have the Terovia trolling motor up front with a remote control. Sweet ride and I am confident on the big lake with 5 to 6 footers. I love my StarCraft.

  5. What launch did you drop in at? And how was the depth getting out? I bet there was plenty of dirty water with all of the rain the last few days. Thanks for any info. I was going to head down to Sandy Pond last weekend but the weather was weird and the weather man always sucks. Seeing those football browns just made up my mind that I am hitting the lake this weekend for sure in the Karmakaze. Thanks for the report. James

  6. That is what it is all about, watching the kids or other people on the boat catch big fish. I have had the pleasure to have many people catch the biggest fish of their life on my boat.


    I saw a nice StarCraft for sale on this site at a good price. I had to get rid of my 18 foot Polarkraft 3 years ago after taking a rogue wave over the back with my brother and 2 kids hooked up with a 25 lb king. Filled the boat with water, lost the fish, and went and bought a new boat.


    Heading out tomorrow with my oldest son who just graduated from Clarkson with 2 majors and a minor. He needs a break after 4 hard years so hopefully we put a few fish on the boat.


    Tight lines! James

  7. Moose, I am in Black River. My cell number is 315-408-8246. I had a trolling motor on my Polarkraft and it fit over it. It is brand new. Let me know and I can bring it up to Sackets and we can check it out. If it fits great, if not, someone else will get a nice boat cover. It is just taking up space in my garage right now. James

  8. I have a practically brand new canvas boat cover that I got for my 18 foot Polarkraft. I used it a couple times then I traded the boat for a 20 foot StarCraft. It is heavy duty and has the cover for motor too. I paid $300 for it. I will sell it for a $100. Just taking up space in my garage. James

  9. We hit Fairhaven boat launch at 530am to be greeted by 25 bass boats. Thankfully all but a couple were already in the water. The ride down from Watertown was storming with heavy rain, lightning and thunder. I just kept telling myself that by the time we got to Fairhaven that the storm would pass. We arrived and the storm passed and it laid right down for us. Anyway, took my brother in law from Italy and my good friend Ian with me hoping to catch some salmon. Ran 4 downriggers with flasher fly combos and sliders with spoons, 2 dipseys, 500 copper with a meat rig and a 10 color lead core with a spoon. Around 8-9 we hit 2 kings and a laker. First king came on a slider with a spoon, 10 lb laker hit the 500 copper and Ian had the pleasure of bringing it in. We hit it hard until 1pm and then when we started pulling lines another laker hit a flasher fly combo. We fished from 150ft out to 300 and was pretty much a blank screen the whole time. Hopefully it picks up soon.

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