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  1. During the summer much more water was flowing in. Think how much more water 2 feet higher and a mile or more wide is. Once it drops the current is actually faster too since now ur trying to pull the same amount of water through less area. That's why the neckdowns have so much more of a bottleneck effect. Kind of like going under the peacebrige on erie/niagara. U can feel urself climb as it swells from the bottleneck and then feel urself actually going downhill. So 10,700 at it's current level has to be insane current. Probably some of the strongest ever on the St. Lawrence.
  2. The turbine entry is at the bottom of the dam. Draining lake st Lawrence is like draining a bathtub through the turbines. U can drain it faster than its filling.
  3. Really cool to watch this play out. Lake st. Louis is rising below the dam, Lake st. Lawrence is dropping fast. I wonder which one will make them cut flows first. 10,700 is unheard of. I really wish I was up there to check it all out. They really are just dumping every drop they can while they can. Kudos. "Outflows at the dam have been increased to 10,700 meters per second This is a new record high level of increase" "Still a bit of room at Lake St. Louis, levels dropping at Lake St. Lawrence still but well above minimums. I’m told we’re likely closing in on our max now, but it will reassess tomorrow."
  4. Gonna be cool to see how far it drops. That's incredible flow. I can't even imagine the current right now with the lower water. Gotta be ripping. Wish I was up there to check it all out. I'll see if I can msg some friends and get pics of ramps up above if it goes way down. Be sweet to see.
  5. They took the outflow to 10,300 and lake st. Lawrence is dropping inches an hour. Even at 8600 it dropped 2 feet in a couple days so it's just proving exactly what I explained to you. Water doesnt make it through the neck down in the river fast enough to maintain the water in Lake st. Lawrence to keep up that amount of ouflow. It's not sustainable and that's why they dont do it non stop like they can when the lake is higher. Once incoming water from lake ontario can't sustain water levels on Lake st. Lawrence they slow the flow to achieve balance. They can only take Lake St. Lawrence down so far before they have to reduce flows again so they dont start effecting water supply's to municipalities, river access, etc. Litterally 3 days at that flow right now has to drop the area above the dam many feet. We will find out when the numbers are released next week. It will be cool to see because I dont think theres ever been flows that high in January. It's a temporary increase and they should be applauded for taking advantage of this window before ice up. Read the article. I've tried 9 different ways to explain this to you and it just isnt clicking. https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/40270/20200102/ijc-rsquo-s-special-winter-management-may-help-lower-lake-ontario-and-the-st-lawrence-river
  6. This is what happens above the dam just trying to delicately balance 8400-9000. Wait until next weeks numbers come out and watch how fast it drops at 10,400 without the amount of water coming down the river that we had over the summer. Like I said before it's awesome the ijc is opening it wide open to take advantage of this weather window but they cant do it for months or even days at a time like they can when the river is flowing 30+ inches high. That's the balancing act the IJC is playing and that's why you saw flows decrease when you did in august, etc. Once you understand this concept you can litterally do nothing but applaud how well they've kept it at max this year.
  7. Lake st. Lawrence is dropping by the minute and you still argue I'm wrong. Hell it dropped 2 feet in 2 days during that time period and u still act like I'm feeding you bs. It doesnt matter what I say, your mind is made up. Yes lake ontario is high. When its 30 inches high there is enough outflow to sustain 10,400 non stop for months. When it's only 18 inches high like it is now the outflow isnt enough to sustain 10,000 without draining lake st. Lawrence. More water is flowing out than is making it through the necked down portion of the river. Read the article, its explained there. I keep explaining it and for some reason you chose to treat me like a liar instead of researching yourself and realizing I'm not full of **** may actually know wtf I'm talking about here. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/40270/20200102/ijc-rsquo-s-special-winter-management-may-help-lower-lake-ontario-and-the-st-lawrence-river Very good read.
  9. If I only fished here on Ontario where I live maybe I wouldn't have bothered doing the research I've done and forming the opinion i have. But when you see in person how things are on St. Clair, Erie, Georgian Bay, The Larry above and below the dam and the crazy water lines on the Ottawa from the spring flooding then it's a lot easier to realize no control board is causing this and thier efforts to resolve it have actually been more than they've ever done in the past and the numbers back that up.
  10. They let out more water than ever and it still wasnt enough for anybody not willing to look at the facts. Outside of april and may the amount of water that was moved was incredible. They litterally adjusted flows at every opportunity this year. Scaled back?? To what? Scaled back to the highest flows of all time? I'm sorry but anybody who can look at those numbers compared to the last 60 years and still think they are holding back is just in denial.
  11. Take ur shots. My explanation was spot on. I said flows drop to what is sustainable because as lake ontario flow decreases down the st. Lawrence and we can drain lake st. Lawrence faster than it can be replenished because of where the river necks down. In 1 week of somewhat increased flows December 23rd to december 28th lake st. Lawrence dropped 14inches. Watch what it drops this week now that they've really ramped it up. It's awesome that they are taking advantage of this window before ice forms. If the warm weather continues theyll have to decrease flows to allow lake st. Lawrence to "replenish" and then they can ramp it back up again as long as ice formation hasnt began. It doesnt take long for lake st. Lawrence to drop feet to where the boat ramps wont even be touching the water and municipalities who depend on certain water levels for drinking water become affected. Keep in mind the iroquois flood gates were closed all summer while flows were 10,400 and lake st. Lawrence still maintained its water levels. Now watch how fast it drops even with the iroquois gates wide open. We can litterally drain it faster than it can be supplied at the current lake ontario level.
  12. I did fish browns Saturday on lake ontario in front of my house. Sadly I havent been back up to the Larry since Nov so i didnt complete the trifecta you are accusing me of. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. What?? I had my boat between the international bridge and peace bridge Thursday and Friday jigging walleyes. Both were beautiful days although it got a bit windy friday. I launched at Sheridan both days. As I said before, I fish a ton. I dont winterize my boat and u can always find me out somewhere on the great lakes if I'm not working. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. Its been like that consistently for most of the summer. Constant white water over that wall. I fished it thursday and Friday and both days water was flowing over the wall. You should see it on a stiff sw. Lake Erie is still 30 inches over normal.
  15. Tom why only 89 days in your math? 86 gets 92 days for the last 3 months and 2019 only has 89? Those graphs destroy any argument you have that things were handled better in 86 than they were in 2019. Outside of April and May when there was no choice but to reduce flows to prevent a catastrophic event at Montreal, flows were higher every single month. Summer flows were way higher, fall flows were higher. Your whole argument is based on 1986 and how they handled things better but take a look at the numbers. If they only let out what they let out in 1986 in june, july, august and September we'd be worse are than we are today. You keep praising 86 for letting out water and condemning the job being done today when today they are doing even more. Your argument makes no sence. Yes what happened in april and may sucked but they sacrificed a couple inches here to prevent feet of water from causing destruction there. Keep in mind adjusting flows during that time to what amounted to an inch a week here would have been an additional foot of water per week down below. As bad as we had and have it here the situation at Montreal this spring was far worse and anybody who would argue that is a moron who must be completely closed off to what's happening in the rest of the world.
  16. https://ijc.org/en/loslrb/lake-ontario-outflow-sets-records-2019-further-increases-expected-new-year It's all right here in the press release. Dont forget to read the part about how they've been over 2014s set peramiters, then compare those to previous management plans to see those were actually lower for this time of year. Then continue to read about how this year will set the record for most water ever let through the system, then compare and do the math urself because these people cant be trusted. All propaganda. Oh and remember when they drop flows in a week or 2 because ice is forming they are really just doing that because of shipping and power production. Same with any north east blow that slows flow, that's them playing games again.
  17. This is good to see. Hope for warm temps and west winds so they push out as much as possible before backing down for ice formation again.
  18. Also 2 out of 3 highest ever on all the great lakes. Records set on Ottawa in 2017 were broken in 2019. Wettest april and may records set in 2017 broken in 2019. Coincidence or not its fact you cannot ignore. The lake is at record levels because it's taken on record amounts of water. That's fact, its backed up by the fact that its dumped record amounts of water.
  19. I already explained many times that I fish all over the great lakes. I live in Niagara county and use launches in Monroe, Orleans and Niagara county on a regular basis. I'm on the water far more than most. I have family with property right on lake Ontario. Obviously I'd like to see the lake level reduced, I'm just not going to sit there and pretend its caused by something it's not just so I can assign blame. Since this all began I've fished Georgian Bay with nearly unusable ramps, Lake St. Clair with incredible lake levels pouring up into parking lots and flooding neighborhoods, the ottawa with water lines on second story roofs and 9 foot up above where I normally launch, and lake Erie with record levels that have had driftwood floating up into parking lots on the lake and Niagara for months. My interests are for everything to return to normal so I dont have to deal with power launching and loading my boat without docks anymore. I more than most want lake Ontario back to normal, I'm just not willing to turn a blind eye to the facts and the fact that it's not being caused by anyone holding back water. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  20. Use this theory to explain record levels on almost every body of water on the great lakes water shed. Please use it to explain for all the slip holders, cottage owners and charter captains on almost every other great lake that also had never experienced these water levels in there extensive experience. Use it to explain water levels higher than were ever seen before on the upper Ottawa, an area whose drainage basin shares much of the exact weather we recieve in our own. Use it to explain the breaches levys on the Ottawa, the near dam failures all over the north east including here on lake ontario tribs, use it to explain to this cottage owner on Huron who is complaining it's the highest hes ever seen the water in 50 years. You cant, 2014 got to show its face for 3 months from jan 2017 to april 2017. Then we saw 2 of the wettest months of all time and it's been operation drain the lake ever since and the numbers prove it. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  21. In the past the area below the dam has dropped so low that many boat ramps arent even usable. Theres been a few falls in the past where I'm waiting at the ramp for am power production to begin so the water will rise at Hawkins point and I can launch my boat. 2014 was meant to stabilize all this, more natural highs and lows above the dam and more stable water below. It may work amazingly once it actually gets a chance to function as designed. What weve see. In the last 3 years has absolutely nothing to do with 2014 as its peramiters and set flows have yet to be touched. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  22. Gambler how does that argument apply in this situation tho? Yes 2014 will indeed help power production and extend shipping. What is going on now has nothing to do with 2014 and isnt helping either. 2014 allows them to let lake ontario higher each summer, it has higher trigger points. Problem is weve been over those trigger points since it's been implemented so it hasn't come into play yet. It also allows the lake to get lower during the winter before the trigger points to cut flows come into play. Again, non factor so far. 2014 helps shipping and power production by allowing them to not have to cut flows ever. With 2 inches more water in the lake during summer and allowing it to drain 2 inches lower each winter the hope is that they wont have situations where they have to cut flows in the fall that cause the lower st. Lawrence to drop to a level where it's too low for the large ships using port of Montreal and where they are losing money due to less power production. None of this has come into play in the last 3 years. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  23. You can see where flows were reduced to establish safe ice this month and now are being pushed back up with the warm up. Theres no conspiracy to any of this it's all exactly how its always been done and all well above the 2014 peramiters because of the high water. Expect flows to be reduced when ice begins to form again and then brought back up when safe ice is established. It's the same process they've done every year for 60 years.
  24. I just went back and read through to find Gamblers question. Sorry I had missed it before. Why did the ijc reduce flow in august? The answer is pretty obvious. Everyone keeps making the claim that the outflow number is 100% determined by the ijc. You keep leaving out the environmental factors that also calculate into that flow number. The number 1 factor being water level and how much water is actually coming down the river. When the lake was at record levels we had record flow. Just like when erie is at its highest the Niagara flows the hardest. When Ontario is 40 inches higher than normal the st Lawrence obviously flows harder and pushes more water than when its 20 inches over normal. So why did flow decrease? Because water levels decreased. Basically flows dropped from all time record highs to previous record highs. Not much of a reduction really. Now let's look at the actual reduction. We are still today pushing out more water than any other time in history. 2014 calls for flows in the 7000s right now with its peramiters and the previous plan was actually less than that as it reduced winter flow more than 2014 does. October 13th is the only real day flows were something anybody could consider low and my guess is there was heavy ne winds that day that reduced flow of the river. When those winds stopped, the flow increased.
  25. Yea from 6 years ago when you still loved and trusted the IJC.
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