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  1. Exactly so make sure to price it out both ways. My 2005 chrestliner tournament 192 was cheaper directly through boat US. My 2018 Skeeter mx1825 is cheaper through Geico. Typical insurance company BS.
  2. Geico boat insurance includes boat us on water and roadside assistance. Price it out both ways because for me it was cheaper to go through geico.
  3. Lake st. Lawrence is holding steady at 235. Current has to be insane dropping 8 ft from ogdensburg to there but as long as its maintaining that depth they can keep it cranking. Hopefully warm weather persists so that can keep this up as long as possible. The rest of the great lakes are in rough shape. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/great-lakes-water-levels-could-be-even-higher-in-2020
  4. Yea it doesn't take long. A stiff east usually drops flow big time on that river. That's the one that will leave you searching for a launch with water down below the dam. I've had the water drop so fast on Erie that we had our 20 foot duck rig go from floating in 2 foot of water to grounded up on the rocks high and dry in minutes with an east blow. On the other side stiff wests have forced me to have to have a guy jump off on shore and back the trailer down the ramp so I could power load the boat in the buffalo harbor many times over the years. Nothing like coming back to the launch to a dock that's now 2 feet under water. At least now they've replaced everything there with floating docks and a ramp that's big enough to account for water fluctuations. Those surges are no joke. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. People forget it's not just a setting at the dam to get a specific outflow number. The outflow is calculated based on what comes through the moses sauders power dam, combined with what goes over the long sault spillway, and what goes through the massena and Raisin river diversions. Those numbers are all combined and they make up the "total outflow" number that we are given. That's how winds can effect flow, it's not just push the button to get a set number.
  6. It is mentioned in there actually. Very last line. "Low water levels up river." Guess it's not the news they want to focus on. Hopefully somebody can get a drone up and get some footage from up above while it's this low, I heard some of the old roads are exposed and the water is low enough where the old homes that are still down there underwater would show up from up above maybe. Its kind of big news up there to see the dam rip like this in January. They've never opened the long sault spillway like it is right now this time of year. Normally the area below that is the first to freeze. The long sault is the dam in the photograph used in the article. Idk I think it's cool to see anyway.
  7. Yes. 100%. My post was relating water levels from cape Vincent to ogdensburg and then ogdensburg to lake st. Lawrence showing how the river drops as you head down river and how drastic the drop is at the narrows of the river right now compared to its gradient further east. That has nothing to do with the wind direction currently. Of course lake ontario levels fluctuate with the winds and its ripping out there right now. I've been listening to waves crashing all day. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Stiff north west winds cause the water to drop the further west you go now? It's been exactly thr same for 5 days. You see the Cape Vincent graph? That's wind. The difference between ogdensburg and St. Lawrence? Yea that's not wind. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. What? Wow. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. Longline those are the only live gauges I can find also. Lost a lure has access to live gauges on lake st. Lawrence but it's a couple feet off from what gets published the next day. He also has live outflow numbers also that we cant see publicly if we need them.
  11. 2 fit from Cape Vincent to ogdensburg. That's about 55 miles. Then a 9 ft drop from there to the Gauge in Lake St. Lawrence probably only 25 miles down river. Shows how restrictive the river is at that point.
  12. They claim costs are actually increased going down as well. Thrust and speed have to be increased for steering and they have to use tugs to assist in areas they normally wouldnt. I believe Chinook explained it all better than I can a few pages back. I know personally when I launch at the dam many times I run 18-20 miles down to St. Francis proper to start fishing. With the high current this past year I gain a couple mph going down but I have to use considerably higher rpms to stay on plane coming up. Even in my 19ft glass skeeter fuel costs go up probably 20% or more making that long run at 4500-5000 rpms over the normal 3-4000. You know how that goes as a boat owner. Gallons per hour goes up exponentially.
  13. Your gauge that I dont have access to is 2 feet different than the one that's used to measure Lake St Lawrence. Looks like they are managing flows to keep it at 235.
  14. Yea just saying I dont have access to anything but public data. What is flow at now at the dam? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  15. Nope. Just public data. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  16. Your talking something the size of the west river of the Niagara through one of the most heavily populated places in canada to prevent something that's happened twice in 60 years. The river is miles wide in parts down there. It would make the seaway project itself seem small. Personally I think we've messed with nature enough. We arent always going to be able to keep the river within its banks no matter what we do. Look at the Mississippi and the devastating floods they experience even with limitless levys and flood gates along its entire stretch. Ma nature is just cunty at times and when we live here for the good, we have to deal with the bad. Hopefully it's a dry spring and all can return to normal soon.
  17. I found Ogdensburg levels finally. You can see how bad the river gets restricted at that point even with the floodgates wide open. Ogdensburg at 244 feet still. Just 2 weeks ago was about even with lake st. Lawrence. 2 days ago it was almost 10 feet different.
  18. They havent updated in 2 days. It was steadily dropping almost a foot a day. If I had to guess I'd say 234. We will know this week. Residents are all saying its the lowest they've ever seen.
  19. Ok I just looked it up and where did you find that number? I hasnt been updated since the 5th like I said and it was 2 feet lower then?? Ur telling me it went up 2 feet in 2 days? Did they shut the dam off?
  20. Thats good its slowed then. It went from 243 to there quick if you look. How much did they reduce flow? Hopefully they can keep it up another week or more without reduction for minimum or ice. The pics are really cool to see.
  21. They havent updated in 2 days. It was steadily dropping almost a foot a day. If I had to guess I'd say 234. We will know this week. Residents are all saying its the lowest they've ever seen.
  22. Yes.. extremely high and extremely low.
  23. 231 feet and change before it effects water supplies
  24. Not complaining about Lake st. Lawrence water levels 1 bit. I'm applauding them for doing exactly what they are doing and draining it down. Its rapidly dropping levels are showing you why that these flows arent possible once lake ontario drops below a certain level like I've explained to you over and over now. If they did this in September they would have reached minimum in 2 weeks and then had to back off the rest of the fall. It wouldnt of helped. Doing it now is genius. They are going to have to back off flow for ice formation anyway so all this water being let out now is a bonus because when they reduce flows for iceformation lake st. Lawrence will rise back towards normal levels during a time when flows would have had to be reduced anyway. As far as real muskies go I'm sorry I dont believe in the make believe 6 footers you probably believe in and think you've seen. Again I believe in what is real and factual. My boats 2 over 56" and 17 over 50" this season from the St. Lawrence will have to do.
  25. Iroquois dam isnt the bottleneck. Iroquois dam was put in place after they eliminated the worst part of the bottleneck and created the locks. That whole area used to be Rapids before they created the seaway and the lakes. Have you ever looked at water levels prior to the seaway? Yes lake Ontario could have been much higher at times without the flood control and ability to even out flows using the lakes reservoirs .
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