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    Sodus Bay

    Tuesday the Perch were in abundance if you go look for the boats off the loop in the channel. Find the large schools of bait and the perch are there. Lots of 10" and 12" and many dinks too.
  2. My neighbor used it as a ballast tank on his Islander.
  3. Lowrance tec said let it run for 4 to 6 hrs. as sometimes the first time can take several hours to find the satalites. So I parked it in the middle of my hay lot way away from trees and buildings, an guess what. No luck at all. Today it went in a box for a ride back to Tulsa. I,ll let you know what they find.
  4. Tryed your suggestions Mudflat, still no satalites to be found. Guess I'll call Lowrance tomorrow and see if they can help??!!!
  5. It's mounted on the dash. Windshield frame near it nothing over it but a canvis top.
  6. Has built in 16 parallel internal antenna
  7. Triedout my new Lowrance HDS-5 the other day and was unable to lock onto any satellites. Am I doing something wrong? I red the manual over and over and it's about as clear as mud. Is a antenna recomended? If so what one. I'm not networking, just trying to get the one unit to work. Any ideas?
  8. Slow on the Bay this morning but picked up latert on. Some real nice ones starting to show up.
  9. That's a lot of money for a 25 year old charter boat! Where can the boat be seen?
  10. Any one know whats with the thousands of dead 1.5" to 2" Saw Bellies in Sodus Bay?
  11. LEEUWEN1

    Perch Action

    Any Perch action on Cayuga, Seneca, Oneida or any where?? I think all the Perch fisherman have lock jaw.
  12. Drove by the boat launch the other day boat launch parking lot full, cars and trailers parked along the road never seen it that busy. Whats up???
  13. Found by boat house on Sodus Bay. Does anyone know what it is(was)??
  14. Iceman We fished around messenger shoal friday cought 2 eyes a bass and a huge sunfish. eyes came out of 20 foot of water both on leaches. Tried troling but couldnt find the wright lure. What were you using and where?? Dick
  15. After reading a couple of your posts decided to give Myers a try. Long hall from Palmyra but turned out to be worth it. Ended up with 51 keepers. Looked for half the day,finally got into them just north of Myers. Will most likely make the trip again. Should be easier this time as we know where the bait shop and boat launch are. Nothing better than perch, well maybe walleye.
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