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  1. Thankstriple deuce 50. Just writing to say I had the boat out twice since the impeller was replaced and seems to work just fine. Pees good as you would say ! About 1.5 hours labor and impeller kit. 235 bucks Ouch!! Macmillan marine, pretty close to home. I hope they thought about the missing fins.
  2. Awful weedy in the bay today. 8:30 until about 1. I spent half the time pulling weeds off both motors. They had the weed harvester out around Arnies. Couple hits but got skunked.
  3. We went July 20th at about 8:30. Looked like it just rained there Got 7 bass on Texas-rigged yum worms mostly. Five inchers I think. 5 foot or less of water near the docks. Very weedy. Couldn't really use any other type of artificial. Beautiful landscape and scenery.
  4. Thanks guys, I took it to Mcmillan marine. It's closest to where I live in East Rochester. I'll let you know the damages !!!!!
  5. Hey guys, My Yamaha 25 hp was overheating the other day on Honeoye. Anybody know of a quick reliable mechanic with fast turnover on the eastside of Rochester? I replaced the fuel filter and connector from the hose to the engine that was cracked last year and now I think it's the impeller. I'm still getting water coming out to cool the engine when it when it's running.
  6. where did you get it? On what?
  7. Hot one today. Fished about 7-11. Got 4 bass, lost one. A lot of competition out there. Caught a few on Yum 5 inchers wacky style and a few on a Beetle spin, chartreuse jig head with a white Mr. twister type of body. Couple keepers among them. Nothing to write home about or a take a pic of
  8. does that mean 3 rods per boat or 3 in the water at a time per person?
  9. Here's a pic of the Pike my gf caught. I had to bring it in the boat. I was skunked that day!! She caught about 4 bass, a pike and a perch. She was using a white beetle spin with a black spots on it. Had bites but nothing hitting on a yum wacky worm.
  10. Thanks pal, Might have a missed a day out paying attention to the marine reports. Better safe than sorry I guess.
  11. How was the waves? I have all week off and every day it's small craft warnings (16 f taluminum boat) Looks calm there which would piss me off. Going tomorrow though !!!
  12. Didn't go to Devil's Cove. Most of the Bass caught were on the west side.
  13. The Bass were hitting today. Found them in the coves. 4 inch Yum's wacky style and Berkley real stix minnows. Girlfriend caught this one pictured but went under the boat. I had to help.
  14. Any news lately? Any good time to avoid the friggin holiday cretins?
  15. earltwitty

    duh bay

    All I got was this Rocky, nice day though. Got it on a Berkley minnow
  16. I had a 16 ft Lund on the bay Thursday about 9:30 to 1:30. I was actually in the bay fishing for pike, bass whatever. Got a couple of white perch. I wish I had the patience for trolling.
  17. Still sucks. I got 2 white perch today. Murky water, temps in the 50's.
  18. Looking to go to the bay maybe this Thursday the 13th. Any pike reports? Went last Wednesday it sucked . Water was murky, about 1 foot visibility. Using stickbaits, Livin' eye minnows, about 7 inchers.
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