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  1. ISO 243 youth I'm looking for a decent youth model .243 for my daughter. Let me know what you have. I live in Central Square. Fish out of Oswego.
  2. Still available?
  3. Call Scotty, they will replace them free of charge. They had a problem with a certain lot number on those counters. I have a spare on the boat I will loan you if you can't find one.
  4. Interested in the child vests if you're willing to separate or if someone wanted just the adult.
  5. Pm sent
  6. Thank you!! Too far for me.
  7. Where are you located?
  8. Any updates on Friday's events?
  9. Still closed??
  10. Any pictures?
  11. Interested. Where are you located?
  12. I bought a boat in Delaware and I registered it here in NY. I just need old registration and bill of sale. I will tell you they will charge you tax. If you pay tax in Pennsylvania make sure it's on your bill of sale.