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  1. If I were to pay you $7 extra , total of US$27, for you to ship to 6767 Thorold stone road unit 36 niagara falls Ontario L2J3w9 Canada. will that works? THE BORDER is still close till sept 30. Joshua Velasco 4168210966.
  2. Try this site as well http://www.fishaddix.com/, I found some good info and was successful.
  3. 4 weeks ago, in downtown Toronto, had a small run. i tried 5 times within the last 3 weeks and got skunk, not sure if the recent rain within the past 2 days would bring some in. I only fish bay and mouth or pier chuking spoon or lures, never aimed for them once they enter into river system. Run seemed to be getting worse for the last few years. witness few fish surfacing , but nothings compared to the numbers I saw on the east end
  4. First serioius run started first week of september, has been quiet for the past 7 days. everyone still hoping for another run, but the place had very few anglers on site. I do not site fish for them inside the river system, would rather let them spawn as nature intended, just fishing the pier or bay chucking spoon , catch and release and no female roe needed. Due to higher water level this year, fish seemed to have entered the tribe much faster than before. I live one hour away, so no report elsewhere except to go and try .
  5. Speak to a supervisor, no luck, then higher manager, eventually write to the VP of the company. tell them you do not want to bad mouth them and believe they are still a good company based on what you have heard on line. it always works for me, even if it takes more written work on my part, since successful managers always have the authority to solve issues or do something right, or they would not be manager. Time had change, US companies have woken up, and services have been improving in many industries just to stay competitive. Companies are paying big bucks to get feedback so they can improve in a competitive industry. Top managers would love to solve your issues to ensure their employees understand customer service. On contrary to what was just posted..... i also read cases regarding people bad mouthing a company on Kijiji or craiglist due to bad services, got sued by the company , and the person lost the case regardless of who was right or wrong. At times , I wanted to get even with whoever ripped me off, but reading cases where bad mouthing a company is a no!no! rule today. I have decided to get issues solve by the right person within the corporation instead. Here is an example oh what had happened to my damaged vehicle: vehicle worth $700 on today's market, to fix damage would cost them $2000, Insurance wants to pay me $1200, I insisted that my car was in excellent shape and need to be repaired, my excuses include I was not able to find any decent used vehicle of comparable quality even if I were to spend $3000, I tracked down Consumer relation manager at the head office , He immediately called the adjuster, and the adjuster sent me a $2000 check by mail , and for my vehicle to be repaired at any auto body shop of my choice. I responded and wrote a thank you letter to the Consumer relation manager back. Had the car fixed for $1600. My existing car insurance premium never went up as well in the last two years.
  6. On contrary to past year's Norm, Rain and colder night temp has been shutting fish activities this year. Gotten skunk few times after fishing 2 days after a rain and cold front. lots of people and bad fishing. Did amazing fishing 20 degrees temp at night , low water and no rain days before. No one around. Fish dying fast this year if not release asap due to warm water temp at 70 degrees. Avoiding rain, cold temp and people as we speak.
  7. thanks for sharing. that is a good picture and what a size?
  8. Water clarity has been way too clear a week ago 8 foot visibility making fishing difficult. Until last few days it rained, it might stained the water a little bit, which is actually better for fishing. There were always fish landed there every so often I go, just not sure if it will be a great day for everyone will be a different story. Check Niagarafishing.net for additional info.
  9. Finally able to find the right time to fish after 3 months of hibernation Weather temp = -7 degrees than got warm to -2 Wind = 10km NE Water clarity = 4ft Crowd = at least 25 people fishing, fish were landed all over. No. of hours fishing = 7 hours. Can't find a better day fishing during winter months. Witness at least 15-20 fish landed the whole day. Landed 2 Brown and one steelhead. Rainbow was kind of black and skinny. One of the brown trout was so pregnant, ready to explode at any time. I release them of course. Lure used were a pink 3/4 oz jighead with pink hair(half streamer like), landed two fish with it, then lost it after it got snagged. One rainbow was landed using a white 4" mr. twister grub. Fish were 5-7 lber average. Most angler bottom bounce. Lost the Rainbow picture, coz' battery was too weak. http://i223.photobuc....um/fish2-1.jpg http://i223.photobuc....IMG_0002-3.jpg A bonus Dog fish on sale picture I took from a chinese food market, http://i223.photobuc....ogfishsale.jpg
  10. New run just came in last week, lots of fish but lots of aggravation as well. Fish after 12pm-9am to avoid unethical group of anglers rudely stand right beside you eventually taking over your space, even if you showed up early to pick a spot. If it s a rainy cloudy day, fishing is good the entire day.
  11. The first run started 14-20 days ago, had slowed down in the past few days, since most of them has gone up the river system. Between my buddy and I , we landed 4 so far. lost at least 5 more. Did not have any rain for a week now. Hope the next major rain will bring more in. Weather is still warm as well. Still considered a small run, too many anglers on site and not enough fish. http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd29 ... G_0003.jpg. Most fish were caught after 12pm
  12. Name: Josh of "fishfight" Location: North York , Ontario Home Port: Toronto Boat Name/Type: Fishfight I fish for: Mostly Bass on shallow water, new at Salmon fishing on a boat on deep water. ================== Hello to all. I am new at Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, Normally shore fish for them during fall, but it is about time to try Downrigging. Looking forward to being more involved and learning something new.
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