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  1. Thanks for the intrest in this, I technically sold all this gear within 12 hours of posting he couldnt make it to pick up till today. so I kept it up on here in case he backed out. The buyer is actually a member on here and I wish him well with lots of tight lines, again thanks to all!!!!
  2. This is a whole boats worth of tackle, rods and equipment, everything u need to troll for salmon, trout and walleye on Lake Ontario. I will not piece this lot out, one buyer for everything. One of the pics shows a inventory list and all pieces are priced at 40% or lower. Many still brand new and in the original package. $2100.00 or best offer gets all. Call or text Bob at 315-720-8215
  3. selling my 22.5,ft 8ft beam sea nymph aluminum boat great for trailering to any port chasing trout and salmon. I have fished it many years out of Oswego and neighboring ports with lots of success. may need some tender loving care but motor, transom and hull is sound. also along with boat and trailer these amenities are included; lowrance lc x-17 gps/fishfinder, hummingbird 596cHD dual beam fishfinder, cannon intellitroll speed and temp unit (without probe), 2 walker deep troller electric down riggers, 2 planner masts with boards, 7 aluminum rod holders and 6 plastic rod holders, 5 rod rocket launcher, 5 adult off shore life jackets and 2 childs, 2 trolling buddy bags, anchor and rope, has been a reliable boat, please call or text at 315-720-8215 Bob
  4. 22.5ft, 8ft beam Great lakes edition, Sea Nymph for sale, aluminum boat great for trailering around and still big enough to get out on the lake on those iffy days, trailer comes included, Lowrance LC X-17m gps/fish finder, Humminbird 596cHD dual beam fish finder, and for your down temp and speed a Cannon Intellitroll, 5 rod rocket launcher, 7 aluminum rod holders for downriggers, divers and copper, 6 scotty rod holders for walleye fishing, dual mast planner board reels with planner boards, 2 walker deep diver electric downriggers with 200ft of wire on 1 and 200ft of coated wire on the other,2 13lb shark weights, spoon pouch for your spoons, 2 buggy bags to get your speed low enough to troll although not really needed till u troll for walleyes, 5 offshore adult life jackets, 2 child ones, anchor with chain and 150ft of rope, engine is a 3liter 4 cylinder 140hp, good on gas and reliable, kicker motor mount also on the back if you want to put one on, all canvas and weather shields included, this boat fishes well and lots of salmon,trout and walleyes hit the deck, boat is priced really well to sell $7500.00, I will consider any reasonable offer, this is something I don't want to sell but divorce is a B@^#h please contact me on my cell 315-456-8410 Bob
  5. Fillet, skin, cut blood line out, de-bone belle bones, and then cut fat out around sides of fillet, cut large fillet down to manageable pieces, and yes there will still be enough fish oil in it for your health, but definatly will taste awesome
  6. I like this thread,' Fast and Silver ' is the name of my boat and it sure isnt cause my boat is fast, heck it cannot get out of the way of a seagull crapping on it,but I tend to troll faster than most and we target silver fish, once they get dark I am all done, hence the name 'Fast and Silver'
  7. In Lyons,ny a place called whispering pines, great place to hunt your dog, he has lots of land and he has pheasaant,chuker,quail and I believe sometimes he has hungarian partridge, its a great place to tune your dog up [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Thanks guys, hey mortigan absolutely love that pic of that mathews, that stuff just gets me going
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:fast and silver ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):25 trips, june 8th - sept 12th Time on Water:all mornings except 1 afternoon Weather/Temp:sunny to rain Wind Speed/Direction:0 - 20 mph Waves: 0 - 4 footers Surface Temp: Location:sodus once, the rest oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 228 Total Boated:147 Species Breakdown:kings-113, steelhead-12, laketrout-9, coho's-8, browns-5 Hot Lure: fished mostly flasher flies Trolling Speed: 2.5 was the best Down Speed: same Boat Depth: all over Lure Depth: 54 degrees to 42 degrees ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ====================Had a wonderful year, brown trout numbers were low for us because we only fished them once, just had to much fun with the salmon, and on that note what a great year for the kings out of oswego, i believe we only put 3 or 4 jacks in the boat and all the rest were good size, we put a half dozen 30 pounders in the boat and a crap load over 25 lbs in, best flashers were 8 inch pretty girls, big fatty, chrome with yellow dots, capt valium and the old standby dark green, best flies were big fin glow and the glow hammer, didnt run alot of spoons this year but when we did nothing stood out better than the other, we ran a average of 5.88 fish in the boat per trip and a average of 9.12 hits per outing, hate to put a end to this season but i put a heck of alot more time into hunting and right now i am a little conflicted in what i am doing in my free time so setting stands, and shooting it is, all ready starting tuning the dogs up on some pheasant and chuker hunting, hope everyone has a good winter and hope to see everyone again in the spring in good health and catching those silver fish!!!!!
  10. Hey Raaven, tell that tanker that is over taking you out there that you have the right of way, and then you can come back on this sight and post another thread " sunk but i was in the right of way" a sail boat has the right of way of us trollers out there, that being said sometimes we have are hands tied and cannot manuever like we are suppose to, nature of the game, if you want to troll for salmon when there are crowds than you take your risk, you dont have to like it but you do have to deal with it, and no i dont have to read any more books, although the one book i might read is " how to deal with idiot boaters while trolling the great lakes" if someone writes it i would be glad to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sail boats have right of way all the time, no matter what, you should read a boaters book,as for the other guys, i feel your pain [ Post made via Android ]
  12. If you read the section of use of dead bait it states you can use any bait that is dead in any water that allows the use of bait as long as it is preserved in any other means than freezing, the bait does not need to be certified, if you are going to use a brine to preserve your bait than it should be ok, we salt ours and it says that's ok also, we also tried shinners this year on are sushi flies and worked awesome, we fillet them and cut them to size and the kings loved them, good luck [ Post made via Android ]
  13. That's the best, hahahaha [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Fast and silver, USMC ,0352 [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Blah blah blah, one thing is for sure, I believe if are ancestors were to see how we have become, they would be discussded at us, just thank a vet when you see him, he's the reason why we still have freedoms, government is still scared of what they taught these fine gentlemen [ Post made via Android ]
  16. If you had 300 feet out and the diver hit bottom and you read your depth finder and it said 78 ft, what was the true of depth of the diver over 200 feet behind your boat? It should be deeper than 78 ft [ Post made via Android ]
  17. I hope it wasnt something i had wrote to get it deleted and if it was then i apologize, but this is one topic that should get discused on here, this sight helps alot of people catch fish and it also should teach alot of people how to troll in big crowds, to keep this PG we have to come to one understanding of who we are fishing next to and realize that it is as important to them as is to us to be out there, niether has more at stake than the other, charters are out there charging good money from people and those people expect to catch fish and so the captain feels that pressure to deliver and lets be honest thats presure, now on the other hand the weekend warrior or just the fisherman, hes spent alot of money that probably could have been better spent on his family but somehow convinced his wife that his sanity is more important, so every time he goes out he feels the pressure to show his wife it was worth it and that my friends is pressure but either way both people have alot at stake and should acknowledge the other, now the one thing that everyone should remember is there is alot of line behind each boat and make sure to give wide birth when cutting behind a boat, knowing that should keep you out of some troubles out there, good luck, thats my 2 cents
  18. Lund1725 I sent you a pm [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Replied to a post yesterday about a Guy grabing somebody's gear out of oswego and breaking his pole and checked this afternoon and it was gone, if anyody knows what happened pm me [ Post made via Android ]
  20. This weekend was tough, that being said if you had a probe it would have been spittle better for you, we had temp in oswego at 118 feet down, are riggers were parked at 135 to 155, are divers were on 1 setting 325 and 350 on 3 1/2 setting at 425 and 455, chrome and green were the ticket bit when we had are white out we did take one on a white with green dot but the chrome was better so everything went to that, we did 13 on Sunday and did take 2 out of temp which at the cleaning station had loose eggs in them, speed was difficult eco of a down current in oswego, probe was worth its weight in gold for the speed alone, he's my advice don't get comfortable in the boat, work change things around, especially when you have fish on the graph and not on the pole, it changes by hour of what they want so don't be afraid to put stuff on and try it, good luck, and in the coming weeks guys will say you may need a probe for temp, but definitely are gonna need for speed [ Post made via Android ]
  21. That's funny, we do the same thing, a dime always gets a hit, but a quarter always gets one in the boat!!!!!!!!!!! [ Post made via Android ]
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