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  1. Oh, nice. So what size clips for 15, 20 or 25lb? So what is total price for 8 of each shipped to Canada?
  2. Ok, so the same as a free slider then? It just looked like in the pictures the main line was fed threw a small hole in the rubberized material.
  3. So do you slip these on the rod line before you attach the snap swivel on rod line? Then after a hit and this snap slides down to rod swivel do you have to slide it back up the rod line as you are dropping the cannon ball? My pea brain isn't quite getting how this works. I would be interested in some of these if i knew how to use them. The free sliders work but i can see how these would be a definite upgrade.
  4. My son has a 1989 270 coastal fisherman. Redid the motor stringers, front bulkhead and rebuilt the 454 inboard motor last winter too. Pretty decent boat for fishing.
  5. I'd like to see video but i do not see any link.
  6. Wheatley, Ontario. I want to get up and fish in the Spring St. Catherines tournament next year. I always fish out of Leamington, Wheatley area. Some fishing on Lake St. Clair.
  7. R&R TACKLE CO Is where i bought them from.
  8. I think it might be what is called a Poonie spoon?? I bought a bunch from a guy a few years back but can't remember which forum he was on. I can look into it further if need be.
  9. Are these still available somewhere? Looking at getting a bunch of these but can't seem to find them anywhere.
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