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  1. Thanks. Whole filler neck doesn't have access. Would require deriveting structure
  2. Keeping it Reel. Is yours in the splash well? No hurry, but if you get the time and can post a few pics of the cap, I'd like to see it. And if you have calipers and can verify that the threads are tapered I'd really like to know for sure. Also is there an O-ring at the base of the threads that seals in the tapered edge of the bung. I ask because my research of Seachoice and Seadog filler necks showed that they use NPSM threads which stands for National pipe straight mechanical threads and though I gauged my threads as being tapered maybe it is because it is a short amount of threads and even straight threads may gauge as tapered because of so few threads. Thanks
  3. Thanks Keepin it Reel. Well after 3 trips to town/ marinas/ hardware stores, and more precise measuring, and calling Perko, and Marine shop on web, I measured it out to have tapered threads 1.70 down deep and 1.95 at the top with 12 threads per inch using a thread pitch gauge. Come to find out 1 1/2 NPT dimensions are that. So I did a search for 1.5 in. NPT plug with Oring and boom came up with this. Thanks all for looking. None of Perkos's matched up. Went to Johnsons pools and spa and they had them.
  4. Yours looks like it's up on the gunnel. Mine is in the rear splash pan. Thanks for your input
  5. After googling it, I couldn't fine much help. Stores having them don't give much for dimensions or thread pitches. My thread size using inside calipers down in the bore are 1.75 in. to tops of threads so if the threads are 1/8 in. deep, I think my cap's threads would be 2 in. maybe 1 7/8. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank
  6. Thanks for your info. I will try the spare motor my cousin gave me.
  7. Thanks. I have mine apart and being the hi amp power is transferred to the motor via relays on board, I now would suspect board as well. Let me know what the going price of the boards are once you find out . It was looking like they were over $100. If that's the case, I'll just covert mine to switch operated for $10! That's good for me because I have a motor to try, maybe motor will fix
  8. Thanks. I have mine apart and being the hi amp power is transferred to the motor via relays on board, I now would suspect board as well. Let me know what the going price of the boards are once you find out . It was looking like they were over $100. If that's the case, I'll just covert mine to switch operated for $10!
  9. Did you figure this out? I have one doing it as well. Exactly what yours is doing.I rewired it to ensure it wasn't supply issue. I just threw an extra down rigger on in place of it that my generous cousin gave me.
  10. Thanks, I bought that one out at the Oak but not in Mag size as they didn't have
  11. Can you elaborate on the spoons that have been working? I'm heading up for a 9 day trip out of Fairhaven and my Spoon program was poor on last trip. My favs didn't produce such as: Sea Sick Waddler, Carbon 14, Orange Tux, Black Ice, 42nd, NBK., Mongolian Meat!.
  12. I had to buy two of these to ensure I had one for my next fish trip because the 1st seller drug his feet for a week and I didn't trust that it would make it to me on time. The best price I am seeing is $189.99 on the web right now. Mine is here and now. I am down near Binghamton, NY in Owego,NY 13827 , "NOT OSWEGO"! This can be picked up there.. Can call or txt. 6 oh 7 - For to 9 - Ate 7 7 oh
  13. I got some rugged ones from ski doo. $.75 - $1. a pc. If it were mine, I would most likely pull floor to investigate and then during fix use solid bucked rivets that are cheap and better. My fiend bought a car wrecked Aluin boat cheap and we put a flush patch with internal doublers 18 in wide x 3.5 ft up front in the compound curve area . Came out choice. No one could even tell unless we pointed it out to them and showed them the extra rows of rivets that caught the doublers.
  14. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade and Alumin. sheet metal repairs are very common on aircraft do to corrosion. Especially bellies of aircraft near the bathrooms. Sheet metal is fun to do depending on your damage you could possibly get away with a bonded and blind riveted "Scab"patch from the outside or a solid bucked rivet scab patch or you may have to pull floor to assess and repair/ strengthen internal structure once you read how to do it and buy or borrow a few specialty tools it might be a DIY!
  15. Thanks for the reply and for the advise you provide for many fisherman. Will be traveling your way tomorrow to start my 9 day fish/camp trip. Good luck on on all your upcoming trips!
  16. I'm curious how often you have caught big boys on spoons up higher, such as the one you caught on UV Yellowtail 45down. I have had 2 big ones, #30&32lb.mid day hit slider spoons up high while those spoons were targeting Steels. I also had another 29lner hit a diver on deployment at 45ft out. All mid day while targeting temperature much deeper. Sometimes it makes me wonder if they learned an easy meal might trail behind the prop wash from big ships.
  17. I did a full restoration on my GLS in 99 and the 1st thing it did was sink, do to cracked line from live well line that runs from transom. If yours has one, plug the intake and outlet ports in transom and see if leak goes away. I put new lines in mine and was good to go but never use live well. Being it's up front it sloshes around to mush in heavy seas and splashes out on to the deck to much.
  18. I don't quite understand what you are saying in above quote. Can you clarify please? Also want to be sure people are talking about the correct reel when they say they did this or that. All please designate exactly what reel you are taliking about as this thread started by a guy wanting info on DIAWA GL47LC which is Great Lakes 47 size Line counter Sealine model. There are later SG47LC sealines and non sealine all close but the GL47 LC is the one that Tuna guy quit selling carbon drag kits for . Thanks all.
  19. I to want to redo the drags in some more of my great lakes 47 reels. Here is a pic. I took 3 years ago when I bought 4 kits to do 4 reels. I can't quite make out the # in the corner but I'd like more as well. They worked great for me. I think I might try calling dRAGMASTERS THEMSELVES if I get a #
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