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  1. I did a full restoration on my GLS in 99 and the 1st thing it did was sink, do to cracked line from live well line that runs from transom. If yours has one, plug the intake and outlet ports in transom and see if leak goes away. I put new lines in mine and was good to go but never use live well. Being it's up front it sloshes around to mush in heavy seas and splashes out on to the deck to much.
  2. I don't quite understand what you are saying in above quote. Can you clarify please? Also want to be sure people are talking about the correct reel when they say they did this or that. All please designate exactly what reel you are taliking about as this thread started by a guy wanting info on DIAWA GL47LC which is Great Lakes 47 size Line counter Sealine model. There are later SG47LC sealines and non sealine all close but the GL47 LC is the one that Tuna guy quit selling carbon drag kits for . Thanks all.
  3. I to want to redo the drags in some more of my great lakes 47 reels. Here is a pic. I took 3 years ago when I bought 4 kits to do 4 reels. I can't quite make out the # in the corner but I'd like more as well. They worked great for me. I think I might try calling dRAGMASTERS THEMSELVES if I get a #
  4. I'm totally with Bottom Dollar on ACX plywood. Marine plywood has no voids internally and is really needed when doing structural stuff. ACX has one great side to glue to, is made with exterior glue and is made for exterior and will be perfectly strong enough.
  5. I used what cabelas sold to glue down the vinyl. I almost forgot this note. My boat sunk in shallow water right after I redid it because the live well line was cracked. Do'nt put in what Seanymth put in which was corrigated junk. Back in 99 the stuff I used was called below water line hose and back then was $3.00/ft. It can take freezing and thaw.
  6. This 7.5 80ish kicker will run 13.5 hours plus on less than 3.5 gal gas if you have interest in a kicker
  7. Did mine in 99 with Marine plywood and Cabelas vinyl flooring and their glue. Vinyl has been awesome and I have dumped hundreds of 5 gal pails of water over it rinsing blood. It has held up well. My floors are now soft though and will need redone.Lessons learned. Don't buy marine plywood, exterior grade will do fine. My floors are going bad along the edges so I'd say buy the best sealant, seal the perimeter and apply a 90 degree moulding while sealant is wet. Make it so all water must run to the bilge. Here's my layout. I run 1 120 cooler for fish and another for food up front. Live well is wasted. Note in the fish pic. the sheetmetal support I put in to tie the gunnel on the starboard side below the starboard rigger to help spread the load of that 5 ft boom and 12 lb cannon ball in to the interior sheatmetal work . My mom and I also recovered those white blue grey hip bump pads with cablelas vinyl.
  8. I got 3 sat. Saw guys hunt them with a camera hanging over the side then the anchor locked with a troll motor and picked away at them very slowly finesse fishing Sent from my Moto G Play using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. I hang all my fish over the side and gut them before they go in to the fish cooler. Mainly to make filleting on newspapers at camp cleaner. I have ropes with 2 loops to help facilitate this. Sent from my Moto G Play using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. You can cut the belly meat away first which reduces the the length knife you need Sent from my Moto G Play using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Nice job. Will be up in 2 wks. Sent from my Moto G Play using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Back on here to say thanks to Tom Allen for his last post. His info broke my 3 day skunk out of Fairhaven. I went out yesterday after the blow, slowed things down to 2.0 , scored a nice Coho and king on my 50* rigger at 85dwn over 115 on Big fin pulled by an old Pro troll green with no echip and also popped a nice king on a Green/yellow Jplug behind a mag diver on 1.5 out 185 . The 3rd fish came about 5 min. after sunset.Today dropped one on a green/glow jplug on the middle high rigger and dropped another on the diver/ grn/yel j set up with no other bites
  13. Mon. did 4 for 4 out of Fairhaven then 3 skunked days in a row. blown off today. I even fought the seas Thurs. and didn't see another boat out. Hopefully get out this afternoon. Mon. Big laker hit the small veggie spoon mupped down the middle on my high rigger Aprox. 54* water. 2 hit a Green UV Big wienie fly modded with an Atomik Chip harness behind NBK Pro E. on a Mag diver 1.5 setting 185 out. The other King came off White crush with a wht/silver Atomik fly off my middle rigger in 50* water. Fish pics are all from Mon. Only.
  14. My spare batt is just in a battery box in the corner with leads ran to connect it in parallel if needed.
  15. I run a 1980's 7.5 Honda with little to no charging at troll speeds. Run 3 riggers, GPs, Fishhawk, Sonar,& Troll King.. With a reg. starting battery it fishes all day and still has enough amps left in it to fire up the 88hp OB. I do carry a spare Group[ 27 deep cycle as a reserve just in case. The only fall out is my sonar will start not marking bottom in 500FOW+. So a good used 4stroke and an extrza $100 deep cycle battery gets my vote. Plus it's good to have a 2nd battery anyways just in case!
  16. Well the Lake flipped the day I got there and had a slow week of it. Spent a decent amount of time out in 550+ FOW but did not kill them. Inside I did nothing. Only 2 matures for the week and they were 15 16 lbs. Some teens and steelhead saved the week. Orange Tux in stingray size was our MVP. Steelhead love that spoon out of the Oak!!
  17. Nice fish. Were you trolling or drifting Blood worms? What port were you fishing out of? We sometimes go out of Newbrg with Blood worms.
  18. Did anyone else have to look up the definition of contentious? My pet peeve is guys that will list a boat for sale for $8-20k. No pics, no year,no location!!!
  19. I'll do Fairhaven 28 Aug thru Labor day weekend. Will probably start the trip in a tent 26 Aug. For some reason I booked late and got stuck with a cabin with a start date on a Sun.28Aug. Will connect if you're there.
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