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  1. Navionics app does not require cell signal. The charts are built in to the APP. One of the guys on pullers even had a link to a water resistant tablet just for this purpose. Makes sense to me!
  2. Hard to describe that feeling seeing your first Buddy eh! They are about as beautiful as it gets!
  3. Post some more pictures of her! Good looking boat.
  4. Great video guys! Looks like a good summer!
  5. I was thinking Sunday might be worth a crack but the winds do look so so!
  6. Yea surprised no Spoon Puller post! Either way this is the Steve I'm familiar with... picture after picture of awesome kings. I haven't made the trip up this year cuz it hadn't seemed like the fishing had heated up out of Hamilton yet.
  7. I checked out the boat I think your talking about... It looked decent to me other than a soft spot in the transom on the port side right down at the bottom. The engine sounded decent and shifted well. I did not take the boat for a wet ride tho. Good luck!
  8. Slug guns are deadly. I shot two bucks last year about 10 feet apart from each other. They were on a full out run and they both dropped immedately and did not get back up. Both were shot through the lungs. When I went to gut them the entire chest cavity was nothing but liquid. a 20gauge autloader with a rifled barrel, and open rifle sights would be my choice.
  9. haha Dog right in there... Mine is the same way now... The first fish she didn't really figure it out, until I let her get a couple good licks of it. Ever since then when a fish is on she isn't gonna miss out on the action! Nice fishing!
  10. How is the transom and the floor in her? I might be interested. -Doug
  11. I agree post some pics, might be interested.
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