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  1. Hi all, Looking to sell or trade for a high end Shimano Calcutta TE DC or Metanium for a brand new in box Abu Garcia MGxtreme2 right hand retrieve. I'm just a Shimano guy more then an Abu guy. Looking to get $400 or trade for the above mentioned reels. Pm with any questions or for pictures. Thanks for looking!
  2. Looking to sell a couple blanks, theyve been collecting dust. Too many other projects to work figured that I should pass these along. XST1562 2 piece Rainshadow blank without decal. $150. CTS 13' 4-8 3 piece float rod blank with decal. $200. Open to offers. Shoot me a pm with questions offers or for pictures. Thanks for looking, John
  3. Just trying to down size my collection. Rainshadow 1382 xst. Split grip handle, Michigan twist wrapped. Sweet little rod for small to medium trib steelies. $225/obo. Sage GSH 1136llb built as a baitcaster but also has a separate factory butt that has yet to be built. $500/obo. Shoot me a message with questions, offers, or trades for other float gear. Would prefer to deal in person but would be willing to ship within reason. I am located just outside of buffalo, NY Thanks for looking!
  4. Hopin to hit pa and ny opening weekend....saw a big flock by the house so sign looks promising. Also have a new buddy and land to try out this year too! Been looking forward to it since deer season ended!
  5. Thanks everyone. It was borderline full mount. But with 3 bigger ones we were after and school loans in the way, I couldn't justify spending the $500 on the full mount.
  6. Just finished up my first euro mount on my gun buck from this past season. Had a lot of fun with it. I also realized that we had found his shed last season so I used that for the base. Just thought id share a few pictures. Thanks for looking!
  7. I bought a Remington smoothbore barrel with the Remchoke for my 870 Wingmaster last season (finally have a dedicated scoped slug gun). My dad and brother swear by shooting the cheap rifled slugs through the smoothbore barrels with improved cylinder chokes. I have followed suit for the past several years and can easily shoot 3" groups of 2 3/4" sluggers or super xs at 60 yards. We have filled our fair share of tags over the years with them. However, I received the rifled choke with the barrel and have been wanting to play with it a bit. I have been reading other forums and articles and can not come to a conclusion. Reading everything from shooting only sabots through these chokes to shooting only rifled slugs to them being a complete waste, I can't come up with a definite answer. I would like to have the confidence to reach out to 125 yards (90% of our shots are less then 60 yards) without experiencing severe drop of typical rifled slugs but don't want to fork out the extra cash for a fully rifled barrel. So I am wondering if anyone has experience in shooting slugs through the Rifled Chokes? If so, what is the best type of slug/sabot to shoot and do they truly provide greater accuracy? Any info greatly appreciated.
  8. Well here is the buck. Congrats to the hunter.
  9. well it was a sad end to a good season when I found a picture online of a buck that my dad, my girlfriend and I had been after for the past 2 years. 100 trail cam pictures and 3 encounters during archery season and he's gone. I'll post a pic once i can blur out the fellow hunters identity. .
  10. Thanks again everyone. The g2s were 10 1/2". We ve been seeing those in the gene pool as of late.
  11. That's a beauty! What was the spread on him?
  12. Nothing better then putting the time in and getting the reward? Great job!
  13. Thanks again. Just measured it at 124 gross with 2 inches of deductions, always good to have the preseason planning and nutrition planning that we (mostly dad)pay off during the season.
  14. Thanks everyone for the congrats.
  15. Well its been a long gun season waiting to see the big boys show themselves. We knew they were around, as the trail camera and close encounters during archery season proved. We left a small field until today to push and well, it worked. My dad meandered his way through the field and I was posted in an adjacent field. I heard one branch break and turned around to see a long G-2, a nose, a butt and 4 feet 20 yards directly behind me. I pulled the gun up found a baseball size hole on his neck and pulled the trigger (not the shot I wanted but the only chance I was gonna get.). He dropped like a rock and didn't move. I knew it was a decent buck but the brush was so thick I didn't know just how decent. Dad made his way up to me and what a surprise we got. He had him at 30 yards in the same stand on Halloween with the bow but couldn't get a shot. We aged him at 3 1/2 years old and he dressed out at 172 Lbs. All and all it was a great way to end a long season and hope to tag another with the muzzleloader this week. Good luck to everyone this week!
  16. We aged him at 3 an half this year as well. He's not that big of deer body size. It is kind of difficult to tell from the picture, but we had a picture last year of him with a 1 1/2 year old and there was not much difference in size
  17. So we had been watching this buck on camera all last season from August til nearly January. We were getting pictures every single night and only had one picture of him during legal shooting hours, the day before archery season opened. He was a borderline shooter last season but this year no question he is on the hit list. The first two are from last season and the last two shown are from yesterday. He has the distinctive curved brow tines is the reason we know its the same deer.
  18. Looking to part ways with some items. Daiwa Arid baitcaster. Right hand retrieve, 6.3:1 gearing with fresh 15 Lb. fluorocarbon. $45/obo Shimano Convergence 7'2" medium action casting rod, 6-12 lb. test 1/8-1/4 oz. weight, used once. $40/obo Raven Matrix XL, 5" centerpin fully loaded with 14 lb. Triliene XL mono. One minor scuff along the frame of the reel that does not affect performance at all. $125/obo Custom fly rod. 9' 7 wt. 2 piece built on an IM6 blank. Never been used. Said to retail for $300 looking to get $125/obo Refinished Rainshadow float rod. Great steelhead rod! IST1562, 13' 6-10 lb rated. Looking to get $200/obo Feel free to PM me with any offers or potential trades for steelhead gear! Thanks for looking!
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