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  1. Took advantage of the warm weather and the south wind and launched out of Clute Park this morning around 8 a.m. Second time out on the new boat so still trying to get everything figured out. Only ran boards with a couple snap weights and a single leadcore off the back. Ended up with around a dozen or so, all salmon. Jointed rapala in silver and black seemed to catch the most right on top. Only found a fair amount of fish here and there on the graph but should have ran some riggers as well. Marked some good fish down 50 to 100. Biggest fish weighed 5.5 lbs not a bad day for how the weather has been. Found a lot of fish on Cayuga out of Taughannock last weekend so ill try that in the morning...
  2. Great report. Nice pictures and good info, thanks! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  3. Yeah quite a bit of stuff floating around out there but not as bad as last week. Definitley need to keep an eye out! Last week on Oneida we hit a piece of plywood that was darker color floating on the surface and it got caught between the lower unit and transom sideways and acted as an instant rudder. Did about a 90 degree turn at a pretty good speed.
  4. Launched out of Lodi today around 10:30. Launch is cleaned up which was nice to see. Fished from 60-100 fow and hit fish steady the whole time. Downriggers and copper is all we used today. Same story as last weekend, put about 10 or 12 on the boat and lost a few. Nothing with size, I was hoping to find a couple nice ones today. Fished with LakeTaker85 on his boat around Caywood pt. last night and it was the same thing. Hope the big ones are waiting for the derby weekend to come around. Threw all fish back and had a nice day with only a small shower here and there. Wrapped it up around 2 p.m. Only saw one boat and he came in while I was loading mine and had caught one. Hopefully somone caught something nice this weekend!
  5. GREAT!! I know where I'll be launching Friday
  6. Yeah I live like 2 miles from Lodi so Sampson was like 15 mins for me but still a pain and not as cheap thats for sure.. Any guess on how long it will take for the lake to drop? I hope I can be on Cayuga sometime soon!
  7. Oh I apologize rabbit for not reading every post. Maybe I'll start getting up a bit earlier.
  8. Of Course im ready! Just dont know if we'll be jumping off the boat this year the way the weather looks.
  9. Just got home yesterday from setting buoys on Oneida lake all week and I was ready to be on the water with calm seas and no rain for once! Lodi was closed because the water was over the dock and all Cayugas launches were closed that are within a quick ride so I launched out of sampson. Caught a dozen lakers or so all around 70' and nothing over 4Lb. Marked more fish than I have all spring but the fish we boated were small. Just glad to be on the water without working and have decent weather. Just a couple trailers in the lot and saw maybe one boat all day. Fished from around 4-8 P.M. Just glad to get out there
  10. Lodi is closed with tape and wooded baracades just got back from sampson and launch is in good shape. Found some fish too!
  11. Nice to see you got out and had a good trip.. Seneca is producing big time and cant wait to get back out next weekend!
  12. Headed out shortly after sunrise and the first lure was wet around 6:30. Started catchin some fish right off the bat. Ran boards with leadcore off both, riggers, and copper. All took fish, with the riggers being most productive. Could only fish until 9:00 but still did well boating 8 for 12 and losing a great fish at the boat off the rigger that couldnt have been much less than 10 lb. Oh well at least we saw it and no problems with the boat/gear. Tried to stay right at the 100' mark. Bigger size Silver Streak spoons on the rigger, they seemed to like the black/pearl with glitter. Nothing with much size except the one we lost but all real healthy. Two lampreys on one fish but no signs on the others. Smallest fish of the day around 15" if that, had an English hook in its throat with a short bit of mono coming out of its mouth! biggest fish boated around 6lb or so. All lakers except for a dink salmon on the core.
  13. What is that Marshy a 5 lber? I know how you like to give john all the fish so they look bigger What were you guys using on the riggers just spoons or dodger fly? LakeBound - Thats cool your getting browns and landlocks in that deep water. I tried running boards early but one of my planer lines snapped so for lakers we went! See ya out there
  14. Did some fishing with my buddy this morning out of Lodi. All really healthy lakers. Went 9 for 9 with 6 of them being off copper and 3 off the riggers. Hooked up on one double. Mich Stingers on the riggers and flat spoon on copper. Hit the water around 8:30 and trolled until 12. Good first day after the Lake Trout! All fish came in 80-130 F.O.W. trolling 1.2 - 1.6 with the biggest pushing 8 pounds. Kept 1 for the smoker!
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):4/9 Time on Water:4 Hr Weather/Temp: Sunny 60 Wind Speed/Direction: 5-10 From the South Waves: Less than 1 ft. Surface Temp: Location: Fairhaven LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 14 Total Boated:11 Species Breakdown: BT Hot Lure: Rainbow Storm, Jointed Rapala Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.6 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 5-10 Ft. Lure Depth: Surface ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Stayed at the park for a small tournament guys from my area were holding. Hit the water right at sunrise and the bite was good than slowed to just a fish here and there. First time running boards this year and first time on Ontario this year as well so I was pretty happy with the day. Not very much mud but caught quite a few right in the clear water as well. Biggest one a little under 7 lb. but lots of big fish were being caught. 24 lbs for three fish was weighed in the first day. Lost a solid fish at the boat that was probably around 10. Hopefully can get back up there soon!
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