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  1. Doty_Taxidermy

    Peanuts/Spin-N-Glo for Lakers

    Thanks a lot for the help guys! I can't wait to try all this stuff out! Paul, that info is great! I really appreciate it! Jake
  2. I'm new to laker fishing as we typically only target browns in the spring. We have decided to do some experimenting with lakers this year and I'm looking into some new rigs. I've seen the typical cowbells with either a spin-n-glo or a peanut behind them. I was wondering if there is any one specific color that has outproduced the others? When we have caught the random lakers in the past they usually would come on a white crush Spin Dr. and a no-see-um fly. But then again that is during the summer/fall when we're targeting kings. Is the color more important on the cowbells, or for the peanut itself? I also read speeds of 1.2-1.7 at the ball were a good place to start as well. Is that what most of you guys run for lakers? Thanks for any help!
  3. Kooter's fish was a little bigger than he thought. When I got the call he told me 36" but he underestimated himself. His fish went just under 40" and his scale was right on at 28 pounds! It's a great fish and will look beautiful on the wall! Just gotta teach you how to tell a fish story. That fish should've been 45" and 35 pounds if you were a real fisherman!!! That's a great coho your buddy caught too! And I hope you tear him a new one for saying it was a king!!! Congrats on a great season on the big O and looking forward to next year!
  4. Doty_Taxidermy


    Nice job bud! Glad to hear its all coming together for ya. Now time for a 20 fish day! Love the pics as well! Keep at 'em! [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Good start to the year and great report! We still haven't gotten our boat out of storage, been putting all the new electronics on and waiting now on the new sound system to come in Doesn't look like we'll be out this weekend either for the derby cause we have a few turkeys we're looking to take care of!
  6. Doty_Taxidermy


    Paul C. is a phenomenal fish taxidermist and a great guy. He actually judged my fish at the NYS competition this past weekend. Saying he knows his stuff is an understatement. I've also seen his work first hand and I'd be honored to have one of his fish in my house!
  7. Doty_Taxidermy

    Large lake sturgeon found on Hilton beach

    Don't worry, my uncle isn't complaining at all and neither am I! Maybe cause we're getting a couple reproductions for it. One for the customer and one for my showroom Measures in just a touch over 60". D.E.C. clipped a fin for some studies and after the mold for the repro is made they are getting the carcass back for more tests!
  8. Doty_Taxidermy

    Dipsey rod line issue

    We run 30 lb wire on our wire set up. 10' 6" ugly sticks, twilli tips, and tekota 700LCs. 2500 feet of wire on each reel so we could take them shark fishing if we wanted to!! With the wire set up, we rarely have to pop a dipsey ourselves, the fish do it automatically.
  9. Doty_Taxidermy


    We fish out of Oak Orchard and Mid July-Sept is the best for us as well. But like Misty said, after last year, who knows when it'll be.
  10. Doty_Taxidermy

    West ramp at OAK

    Good news to hear! Thanks for posting!!
  11. Doty_Taxidermy

    set your direct tv dvr for pro am part 2

    I have it set to automatically record them every week! Great show, and it's nice seeing places close by.
  12. Doty_Taxidermy


    We run Shimano Talora's. I believe they are 9 footers but I may be off on length. We broke one last year and Shimano replaced it and covered the shipping for free! Our wire rods are Ugly Sticks and those are around 12'
  13. Doty_Taxidermy

    Tundra Swan

    Very nice looking bird. Can't wait to shoot my own and mount it up!
  14. Doty_Taxidermy

    Hi Everyone!

    Name: Jake Location: Kendall, NY Home Port: Point Breeze Boat Name/Type: Wet Willy I fish for: Salmon, Browns, Steelhead, Lakers ================== Hi everyone. My name is Jake and I'm a taxidermist who got hooked on trolling last year. I didn't think I would enjoy just driving around and hoping to get into fish, but after last year I don't care to do any other type of fishing! Last year was my first year out on the big lake trolling and what a blast it is! A friend of mine has a 21' Regal that we run and last year was what I thought to be a great year. No 30 pounders but a lot of high 20s and many low-mid 20 pounders. We even took 4th in the fall LOC with a 16.01 pound steelie! After looking around quick this looks like a real nice board with a lot of good information on it. I look forward to getting to know a lot of you guys! -Jake