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  1. Still lookin'? Have a 2000 on a short shakespeare mast (12 - 14") with cable. Everything was fine til the display pooped the bed.,,$ 25 for all.
  2. TKS for the update Gator. Again, I don't think the complexity of the issue can be overstated. To say that the problem is solely the result of the sewage spill is simplistic at best. It's a cascade of insults to the lake(s) that continue to degrade the resource. BTW, I don't think it is at all cynical to recognize that Management decisions are $$$ driven. If they weren't, we wouldn't have two of the largest garbage dumps in the country in our backyard and we damned sure wouldn't be considering a waste to waste trash incinerator.
  3. I agree with Sk8man. The problem is so frustrating precisely because it is ecologically so complex. But just a few observations. Re: 'fertilizer spreading' : fertilizer plowed and mixed in with the soil continues to break down and 'compost' so, unless it is spread during an active rain storm, it is unlikely to run unimpeded into the lake. That doesn't mean we can't be concerned about continued insults to the lake, but I would be more concerned with chemical pollution, be it from gas storage, pesticides, or whatever. Secondly, the discharge from the coal fired plant at Dresden of 190,000,000 gallons of 108 deg water per day represents between .001 & .002 of 1% of total lake volume so a global impact is unlikely. The more immediate problem is the increasing incidence of HAB's (blue green algae) in the area. That probably IS temp pollution driven, given the very hot summers and increases in the temp of the lake over the last two years. Increasing the temperature and pollutant burden by the addition of trash burner would certainly do no good. Don't know if y'all remember, but about 6 or so years ago, we couldn't keep 'em out of the boat. At least for me, it seemed I could put a peanut butter sandwich down on a rigger and catch a decent laker. At the same time, fishing on Cayuga sucked. We heard great gnashing of teeth and rending of garment because there were 'no fish in Cayuga'. Now, for some reason,, the reverse is true. To be fair, I don't think the problem on Cayuga was a severe as our present situation on Seneca. This is not to minimize because I'm workin' my A_ _ off for a very few forgettable fish. But maybe it MAY be a cyclic occurrence, after all. I hope so. We cannot, however, afford to to be complacent. We need to continue to be vigilant and to keep the pressure on those responsible for the stewardship of our precious resource and those responsible for legislating it's protection.
  4. I have siwash on some spoons & trebles on others. I honestly don't see much of a difference in hookup rates. Maybe a slight edge to the siwash for very active fish. They don't seem to be able to leverage the single hooks as well as they do the trebles. The idea of putting an extra split ring on the spoon or better yet, a swivel would also make it difficult for the fish to leverage against the spoon. Luhr Jensen actually used swivels on some of the hooks on their spoons a number of years back. BTW Unrelated - DEC was here the last few days setting gill nets to sample fish populations and test for health and toxicity etc.. Any how, 4 nets set for two days & a total of 64 fish. all different sizes. They said that average is 3 - 6 fish per net so this take sounds pretty good. For those who say there are no fish in Seneca - - there ya go! Tight lines!
  5. Couldn't tell U the number, but I use Gamakatsu short shank round bend trebles. Size 2 or 4, your choice. Maybe 4s for the Stingers & 2s for the NKs, Moonshines (heavier spoons). Small Suttons & Millers size 4 & larger (88s) maybe 2s. Gama's are really 'sticky' spoons. Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp also work well. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. AMEN! RIP my brothers Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I run Shimano TDRs (7') for spoon or stick bait rods (12 - 15# test). They are real work horses and cheap 2 -29 bucks @ BassPro. I have a 2 or 3 Daiwa Black Widows 8.5ft -love em for flashers & flies or planers. I have some Heartlands & they have never given me any trouble - one is a 10 ft braid dipsey rod which takes a lot oif stress with the bigger divers and a real crunch when a decent fish hits - No prob. I'd only use Ugly Stik spinnin' rods and then only for still fishing or casting for bass, etc. Dave
  8. Here's the reel skinny. Go to http://fli-data.hws.edu/ClarkPt/ That is the Hobart/William Smith/Finger Lakes Institute data bouy data. It's that big yellow bouy out in the middle just North of Roy's. It will give you T-cline, water clarity wind speed and direction & a bunch of other stuff that I don't know much what to do with. Right now it's only showing limited data but if you click on 'Water Quality lLast 7 days' you will see graphic overlays of temps and depths. Mostl, the thermocline has been starting around 50 ft (15 meters) where it breaks from the high 70s and goes to about 55-60 in the next 20 ft. It starts to get into the 40s at about 80' and stays pretty constant inb the mid 40's an down to 180fow. I'v been hitting nice lakers (5 - 9#) in 110 - 125 fow. 100+ lbs in the last 2 wks. Big silver spoons MIStinger Stingrey Tuxedo and Pfleuger Pearl wobbler (when's the last time anybody saw one of those?) & Chartreuse s/ crushed ice glow Pro-Troll or Spin Doctor and Blue boy flies. Early - Betw 0600 & 0700. Try that bouy site, click around in it to find the data you need. I check the nite before and it seems to stay pretty consistent thru the next day. Tight Lines! Dave
  9. I bought a 200 Opti 6 yrs ago for my Trophy 23. With the right prop, trolls fine 2.0 to 2.5 To go slower, trolling bags work great. I used two (to keep the boat from pulling to the side w/ the bag. Never had a plug fouling problem. Just run the boat @ 2500 rpm or better for 5 - 10 min when yer done to burn off the oil deposits. The 200 is a little noisy, but that's mostly from the compressors for the HPDFI. Also, I run it with front & side curtains on most of the time which captures the sound. It's not near as loud with bridge opened up. Probably not quite as economical as a 4 stroke. I used about 0.5 - 0.7 gph at trolling speed. 18 gph at full throttle 5200 rpm and at cruise (3300 rpm) 5.6 - 6 gph. 17 mph. I've had the motor 6 yrs & have replaced the plugs once. Motor runs great. Last year I bought a 9.9 bigfoot long shaft on a Panther powwer bracket which I now use for trolling. It's quieter and uses even less of the expensive stuff. The dealer I bought the 200 from said to put in Merc Quickleenevery time i gas the boat. I have & it's all been great. Good luck!
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