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  1. Dual planer board mast with swivel eze seat base mount, pulleys are 8-9 feet from base when assembled. Big Jon reels and pulleys with 200’ of Amish outfitters 500# spectra tow line per reel, has Amish outfitters snubbers and 8 Amish outfitters clipper releases per side. Each release has a nut/bolt for added weight to slide down tow line quickly. Boards are homemade with pvc board similar to Azek. Everything works great, used these to pull a lot of leadcore but recently switched to inline boards with inline weights for walleye. Call or text 7164740149 $350
  2. Minn Kota Terrova with iPilot-spot lock, 36 volt, 112 lbs thrust, 72” shaft and US2 transducer. Remote and foot pedal. 2016 model (no Bluetooth) but only used 4-5 times per year, boat is always stored inside, only reason for selling is upgraded to an Ulterra. Will not ship, call or text 7164740149 $1,500
  3. Ted, I have 2 of what your looking for. What are you looking to spend?
  4. Salmon killer, I spoke with the previous owner earlier today, he said this sold last year
  5. He does a ton of bandits, I have bought from brad many times. Buy with confidence, he is a stand up guy.
  6. 2150sst

    for sale : usa 2019 Starcraft STX 2050

    Look into Ryan buddies walleye fishing resume, because he can
  7. walleyecentral.com has a 1997 Baha cruiser 299 for $29,500
  8. 16 lb sunline supernatural, same diameter as 10 lb xt so the precision trolling app is accurate
  9. Tca6, walleye.com has 2004 fishmaster 196 I/0 $20,500
  10. Is this Jerry’s boat?
  11. Broke off, Are you willing to ship them if I pay the shipping?
  12. There is a Sylvan on walleye.com for sale also
  13. 2150sst

    Sold / Closed 2016 210 Fishmaster

    450x, try listing it on walleyecentral.com and walleye.com I have the same size boat, but a Crestliner optioned similar to yours $50,000 is a great price
  14. 2150sst

    Sold / Closed Sold

    Very nice choice, hard to beat a 621
  15. 7 - Daiwa Heartland 7’ 6” med light ( green) $210 shipped 8 - Daiwa Accudepth plus 27 spooled with 30lb fireline earlier this season, all spooled to measure accurately at 100’ 6 have the walleye handles and 2 have power handles 2 - Daiwa Accudepth plus 47 with 2 color leadcore 2 - Daiwa Accudepth plus 47 with 3 color leadcore 1 - Daiwa Accudepth plus 47 with 4 color leadcore All leadcore has Cortland green spot dacron for backing Reels are $50 each shipped All equipment was lightly used for walleye, clickers and line counters all work properly. All drags are backed off each winter. Paypal preferred if shipped I will take $5 off each item picked up in Stafford, NY, cash in person
  16. Does the base slide into track or is it the thumb screw mount?
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