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  1. We ended up with 2 weighers and 1 other one that was 1/4" shy of being a weigher. 1 was 7lbs ant her other was 8.64lbs. 75 fow between the catt and center rd.
  2. we ended up with 3 legal fish and 2 undersized fish and dropped 7 or 8. 35-40' off wanahka area.
  3. I am heading out to sturgeon point now, getting ready to spank some walleyes. I will post how we made out later. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Weeklys wholesale bait on bigtree rd. in hamburg is where I get mine. I havent picked worms in years. I buy them by the flat (500). [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Mark, We went 9 for 11 off Meyers Reef 32-36 foot of water. The Torpedo Diver 4oz Shark was working well today 65' back, along with 5 colors of lead, & 30 Jets. We even picked up 2 on a Reef Runner Gator Bait 125' back. Our biggest was 5.5 lbs. We caught all but those 2 on meat at 1.8-1.9 mph. Work from the Wanaka to Meyers and back. Our best concentration of fish was right where the cliffs start near RT.5 and Old Lakeshore Rds comes together (pinehurst area). You should have called me on the radio I would have helped ya out. Good luck I wont be back out till Friday, weather permitting. The charter I had today was a Father, Mother and their 3 sons 12-16, there were grins from ear to ear. We were done at 3 also.
  6. Mark I kinda figured we could just post it all here thats why I named it the eastern basin thread....lol we have a good forum going on at www.walleye.com also on the eastern basin pages.
  7. Lets use this thread for the summer for Lake Erie reports. We fished Friday May 25 off the Windmills, Seneca Shoal, and Meyers Reef very slow day. We dropped one at the boat on Meyers and had a few clean hooks. It will pick up very soon.
  8. I would work Seneca Shoal and Meyers Reef area 30-40 foot area, we fished that area yesterday and dropped one at the back of the boat and that was it. One of my buddies fished thursday, they fished the same areas and ended up with 4. Were still in the transition time between night and day fishing. As soon as we start hitting them hard I'll post it. Also don't count out the Windmills and Departure Bouy areas also.
  9. The Topedo Divers 19 strand you can tie back together if it parts.
  10. Torpedo Divers Swivels all the way, there is not a better swivel made.
  11. They are starting to pick up some Walleyes on the day bite off the windmills and meyers reef. I will be out this coming weekend.
  12. Thanks Larry, I think we are very close within a week I would say. I will be trying Meyers Reef around Memorial Day weekend. If I hear anything before then I'll let you know.
  13. Well were back from our annuall Port Clinton Walleye trip we ended up with 195 walleyes, not the worst year by far and not the best year. We trolled all week near Middle Bass Island we caught fish on Reef Runners,harnesses behind Torpedo Divers, and harnesses on 5 color lead core. We had good weather we were able to fish every day, and the big bonus was we had clean water all week also. The biggest was 11.2lbs and our smallest was 18". A great time was had by all!!!!
  14. Thanks Larry I have a few of them, I have way too much invested in 800 series Reefies....lol Actually my favorite color is Gator Bait made for Erie Outfitters we even caught some Walleyes on Meyers Reef on that color.
  15. I'm leaving friday for Port Clinton, we will be staying on South Bass Island (put in bay) I'll post a few reports here and on walleye.com on the eastern basin page for the guys on that page. Last year sucked bad we got 14 walleyes between 10 guys, we usually average 240-250 walleyes for the week. I'll be pulling 800 series Reef Runners and Snapper (2oz) Torpedo Divers with harnesses.
  16. Awe man...they're green...they wont match my boat...lol [ Post made via Android ]
  17. You should be using roller tips on all wire rods, with a twilli tip its metal to metal and it can fray any stranded wire im not saying it will happen every time but if has happened to myself and a few buddies. I like the torpedo roller tip its got a very good design and the wire cannot jump off the roller.
  18. Ill be in port clinton the first full week hopefully we crush em. [ Post made via Android ]
  19. I have caught a few hundred so far off Sturgeon Pt in 54 foot of water using spreaders. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. It may im not real familar with the cannon unit [ Post made via Android ]
  21. The Torpedo Diver cable is actually smaller in diameter than the coated cable. Also it has been tested with the Torpedo Diver antenna down to almost 500 ft on Lake Michigan last summer with zero signal loss on the Moor Sub-Troll and Depth Raider. For next year I think the Depth Raider will include the Torpedo Wire.
  22. I took ine through Dennis last year awesome and interesting class, Dennis makes it fun. Spend the extra $200.00 and upgrade to the masters endorsment.
  23. We dont use 3 ways. We use a 3/4 to 1 oz white bucktail jig with a 3" race horse minnow on 6.5 to 7 ft med. action spinning rods. Do the same drift and just jig the bucktail. We usually do very well on this setup.
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