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  1. We boxed 10 yesterday off meyers reef in 4 hrs all on harnesses in 5 ft of water.
  2. John how did they get to the boats did they come by water or were the dock gates open?
  3. I would do a compression test you want to see 130# or better and they all need to be within 10% of each other. My bet is one cyclinder is low on compression.
  4. The tube is a alum. tube if it is an Attwood tank it should be all one unit that threads into the tank (the fuel fitting and pick up) all together. I would replace all fuel lines, clamps, and fuel connectors. It sounds like an air leak some where. Just my .02 I have encountered this more than once.
  5. Actually I think the Price is pretty competitive with the other "high tech" units out there. I like the ability to see each one of your lines in conjuction to excatly where it is. Do "we" need all this stuff its all in your own perception. I wouldn't be caught out on the lake without a GPS, VHF, Cell Phone or Sonar. I dont know who would argue the fact that down speed and temp isnt a very critical part of the whole equation. As far as I'm concerened this would be just another weapon in the arsenal. (as long as you dont load more than 7 probes).
  6. I would mix it at 50 to 1 it wont hurt it. I had a 1974 9.9 hp johnson that I ran at 50 to 1 or even a lil higher. I also agree with a hotter plug but only 1 heat range hotter.Also with the water temps right now the cyclinder temp cant get up to a proper operating temp and will definitly cause a fouling problem untill the water temps come up some. There is a good chance that 5 hp doesnt have a thermostat in it either.
  7. I have been using the Torpedo Speed and Temp Cable and the Antenna for several seasons with a Subtroll without any issues. I have Scotty's but not the high speed versions. I love the whole setup I have never experienced any signal loss.
  8. Innovative outdoors will accept cash and credit cards, we are located across from Ito Flies.
  9. my defition came from a link i found on the noaa web site, it is also on wiki site also i found that one later.
  10. The National Weather Service does not specifically identify what constitutes a "small craft," although the United States Coast Guard informally assigns the designation to boats with a total length of less than 33 feet (10 m).
  11. Are you selling these to buy a new mustache comb????
  12. We smoke them all the time they are awesome esp. with the bigger ones.
  13. This is an awesome boat I have fished on it many times, Who ever ends up with this boat is going to be very happy. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. TORPEDO TORPEDO TORPEDO #2-55lbs #4-90lbs they will not open or fail [ Post made via Android ]
  15. I have Friday Aug. 17th open and I just had a cancelation for Sunday Aug. 19th if anyone is interested in booking a Lake Erie Walleye trip. Contact me at 716 796 5372 thanks, Jim
  16. Mark, our main Eastern and Western Basin program consists of Torpedo Divers (2 & 4 oz), Woodstock Lead Core (2 thru 10 color), and 20,30,40 jets and thats it. We rus our Torpedo Divers and our Jets strictly on 15lb Berkley Big Game Mono, I dont have a single reel with braid on it. Our lead core program is simple 100-150' yards of 20lb Mono backer then the lead core and 75-100' of 15lb leader, and a #2 Torpedo ball bearing snap swivel. We have run mostly harnesses this year with very few cranks. This our yearly program day in and day out and it has produced over 350 Walleyes so far this season in the Eastern Basin and 195 Walleyes this past May in the Western Basin and a major tourny win this year. (You just dont want my tackle bill)....lol The only difference is in the Western Basin we only run 2-5 colors of lead. We should hook up a day or two in the beginning of next season and I'll show you our program. There is a great forum going on on the Eastern Basin page at Walleye.com also you should check that one out.
  17. Check for a broken pickup coil wire or a loose conection between the cdi and coil. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. John look for me at the weigh in ill be wearing the team innovative outdoors shirt with the shaved head we can talk then. [ Post made via Android ]
  19. We have ran harnesses all season were over 250 walleyes so far. We won the Amara-Can strickly running harnesses. My whole program has been 4oz Torpedos on mono and 5-10 color Leadcore. We have maybe caught 4-6 fish on sticks this year, and have fished everywhere from Buffalo to Dunkirk. And a side note my buddies that fished sunday 4 boats, 2 limited the other 2 came close, they were spread out from the Condos to west of the Catt. hammered them on 6,7,&8 color lead on harnesses also some picked up a few on riggers, their speed was 1.8-2.1 on gps. If anyone is fishing the Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club Tourney this weekend we'll see you there. Good luck all.
  20. mark get a hold of me ill get ya all set up for the torpedos im one of the prostaff coordinators for torpedo divers we catch a "few" walleyes with our torpedo program.
  21. I had a cancellation this weekend anyone wanna book a Lake Erie Walleye trip let me know. Saturday was booked but now its open call me at 716 796 5372 if interested. Also sunday morning is open.
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