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  1. I have over 1000 musky lures, which is way too many. thinning out the herd! wileys, suicks, medusas, topwater, bucktails, cranks, dawgs and more! please call @ 585-two zero five-2435 or respond to this post with your name and number.
  2. I have tons and tons of muskie lures to sell. I just have too many..can hook you up with a starter kit if you want?
  3. I would also be interested in a few lures if you sell them individually...pm me if you decide to
  4. http://fingerlakes.craigslist.org/vac/3669692915.html please call Craig if interested. phone number provided in ad thanks!
  5. Ahhh.. I would have bought it just for the muskie lesson, I'm definitely a rookie, never caught one before..bought most of the stuff, have had some follows, but not the bulls eye yet!
  6. I have a summer home on Canadice Lake, I was going to fish Honeoye 2 weeks ago, and a local said they are thinking of shutting the lake right down, the algae is real bad, he also said the fishing was bad..
  7. I agree with and second everything Corey has said, I have fished braddock bay for many many years with much success
  8. nice job! where and how? been catching many many pickerel on mepps fury's in Canadice lake. but they are small and boring...looking to move on to some northerns like the one you caught..
  9. I need it, but not a chance of selling it to me for 1200, too much for a 10 yr old motor...
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