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  1. Pm sent on Bert's holder and rigger mount
  2. Have a job coming up in Massena this June-July and was wondering if it was worth bringing the boat along. Any insight on fishing in the area would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Trying to fish tomorrow, does anyone know of any accessible launches on canandaigua, keuka or Seneca?
  4. I have a Helix 5 chirp g2 ice pack for sale.
  5. Yes with base contour maps for many lakes. Also has autochart which is awesome if you fish the same bodies of water with a boat you can map out all your favorite spots with 1' contours as well as bottom hardness to make the best maps possible.
  6. For small boats a 24 volt system often won't fit due to space and weight issues, nor is it necessary to have for a lightweight boat. I've had several systems on <16' boats and never did I feel the need for a 24 volt system.
  7. It works but loses color relatively quickly
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