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  1. Sutton's in Naples has everything you need
  2. Is your diver set for the correct side of the boat you're fishing it off of?
  3. What do you want to know? Plenty of guys on here that run birds
  4. I spooled up a Penn fathom lever drag 7:1:1 reel with 400' of copper this year after getting tired of the time it took to reel in with tekota 800s. Like others have said already, it would be very very difficult to turn a mature King with that high gear ratio due to the lack of torque available. I'm going to keep if for finger lakes fish and Erie eyes, but it will not be going back to Ontario for Kings.
  5. I've gotten crap before about posting info regarding smaller lakes (canadice, hemlock, honeoye.) I honestly don't see the huge deal anymore, I've spoonfed tons of information to guys only to have them come back and say well I ended up doing what I've always done and didn't have much luck... Well no sh!t. I'm convinced that the guys that are going to "burn up a lake" are going to be able to go wherever they want and be successful without having ever read an internet post. Most of the internet anglers I've talked with in the past are terrible "fisherman" aren't going to be able to "burn out a lake" with even the most detailed reports.
  6. We stopped by branchport on the way home from Waneta last Friday for lakers, we never made it more than a mile from the launch and never went deeper than 110' and we caught over 20 in 2 hours. All fish came on 1.5 ounce saltwater jigging spoons. Find fish on the graph and drop it to the bottom and aggressively jig all the way to the surface. No fish on plastic, I don't think you can work a plastic fast or aggressively enough to trigger the bites you can get with metal. The fish are there but they don't stay in the same place year round and this time of year can be as shallow as 5'.
  7. Next time he'll get a Michigan cricket in his canvas.
  8. Yeah as soon as he saw us working up the shore he ran out and got in his boat with the cover on and fished right out front till we got past him, did the same thing coming back and freaked out as soon as we lifted them out of the water for pics.
  9. My buddy and I got each got one. It was my first time going after them so I was pretty pumped but for a fish that size it fought like a wet rag. Mine came on a storm flat stick with aggressive jerks and pauses, my buddies came on a shallow invader?? Using the same retrieve. Both fish were caught within twenty minutes of each other.
  10. Heading to Waneta for the first time ever in the morning. Do I need to worry about being able to launch? Have 16' tiller boat so I don't need anything serious to get into the water. Any info on the bite is also appreciated. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving
  11. http://m.tackledirect.com/okuma-slx-50w-solterra-slx-lever-drag-reel.html
  12. I like the launches the way they are, keeps the crowds away.
  13. That was a 22# from canandaigua trolling in the spring. We have gotten several lakers well into the teens and some approaching 20 from canadice and hemlock though while jigging. I know there are 20+ pounders in both lakes
  14. The lakers are spawning and structure oriented this time of year. Leave the trolling gear at home and use your electronics to find them and jig.
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