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  1. good numbers but lots of hunters too, go off of the beaten path
  2. zackblain

    Sold / Closed 1999 Lund 21' Fisherman

    Same here, fish in a StarCraft 180 stx with a 115 that barely gets 35
  3. I'd say drop it down to like a 150$/person entrance and give away an impact or something in that price range and guys will be more likely to enter.
  4. zackblain

    Sold / Closed 1999 Lund 21' Fisherman

    What type of numbers do you see with a 90 horse? Will it plane with four guys?
  5. We don't catch more because the DEC pulled the spring water rod and gun clubs permit to stock walleyes due to the fact that their research program concluded that the people that fish the lake would rather fish for rainbow trout than walleye. Natural spawning is limited due to the amount of predators(alewives) eating young walleye, amongst a variety of other factors.
  6. Walleye boards are the way to go, slide the keel forward and you can run 300s off em
  7. That seems like a lot but I'm no mathematician, would likely use 50# braid
  8. Anyone spooled up a 700 tekota with 300' of the blood run 30# copper? How much braid backing were you able to fit?
  9. Whichever they're biting best at that day 2.5 is a good starting point but let the fish tell you
  10. I use my m18 fuel hammer drill(brushless, 4amp hour battery) using the 10$ strike master adapter bit and a 6" lazer. Only time I've killed both batteries was drilling 50+ holes through 2 feet of lake Erie ice
  11. Not at a rate sufficient to support a self sustaining population, but there's no reason to believe that there haven't been a few that have successfully spawned.
  12. I hear ya on that, work gets in the way of everything.
  13. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/64354.html
  14. I want to say the late nineties to early 2000's was the last time they put eyes in there. If you ever see the gentleman with the white c-dory he can tell you all about it. I believe his name is Charlie, he has detailed journals and has boated several hundred hemlock eyes. He said he paid for most of the eyes that were stocked.
  15. Beauty fish, if she was carrying eggs she would have been a contender for the state record. It's a shame the DEC pulled the clubs permit to stock eyes
  16. Nice, have seen them in the tribs spawning quite a few different times. No mistaking a big king or coho with a brown or steelhead
  17. Nice fish! Just take into consideration that the hemlock bow fishery is self sustaining with no stocking so throwing a few back now and then will only help the fishery.
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