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  1. Title says it all, okuma cw453 spooled with 300' of 32# copper line, backed with 125 or so of blood run 30# mono copper backing line. Mainly used on smaller finger lakes. 90$ firm no trades what so ever. Will not ship, I'm in honeoye but work in Rochester.
  2. Also interested to see how you're breaking these rods, we have several that get used almost exclusively with church tx44 boards starting puking up to 550' coppers and have yet to have one fail.
  3. Nowhere near 50' at salmon trolling speeds, you might be touching 25'. After about 200 or so feet out your line will actually start to level out due to the drag
  4. A solution of bleach and water should be used on your boat and trailer when fishing different bodies of water, it only adds a minute or two to your routine and helps minimize the transportation of unwanted invasives
  5. The staffs knowledge is questionable at best
  6. Have a cabin overlooking honeoye lake 300$/week, less than a half hour from honeoye, canadice, hemlock, conesus, canandaigua, keuka
  7. Chirp if you want to spend a bit more
  8. Don't bother with the hdi just get a regular elite 7
  9. +1 for the online diary. I think a phone app would increase the participation immensely, especially with the younger crowd which is a dying breed these days
  10. Try the spots that have produced musky for you in the past this time of year
  11. Honeoye is overrun with largemouths, go there for a quick limit(be sure to keep your limit), then jump over the hill to canadice or hemlock for some brown bass fishing
  12. zackblain

    Lake Erie

    Have to work for your bites
  13. I don't see a need for DI in deep water, save the 50$ and spend it on jigs or other fishing tackle
  14. Sounds like a fuel issue. Replace your lines and rebuild your carb
  15. definitely need to get one and a mount for up in front of the boat up high, do you need a special wide angle lense or do the standard ones have a wide enough field of view?
  16. Fishing was pretty good this weekend, fridays north wind pushed all the warm water down to the south end and the glass calm conditions at the end of the day had bait piled up at the south end picking bugs off the surface and the lakers were there from 25-8fow. We pounded em casting cleos and using a very strong jerk/pause fall retrieve, most hits came on the pause when the spoons were falling and there was no mistaking what a bite was. Tried tossing streamers on the fly rods but couldn't keep em hooked up. picked up a few fish trolling as well short clip of one hooked up buddy wanted to eat some fish, so here's the kill shot got a few eyes as well over the hill went back saturday night to give it another go with the fly rods with some heavier streamers but the strong south wind blown all the water out and the temps had dropped 14 degrees so we scrapped that sunday morning got the trolling gear back out and got into them pretty well short clip of my first ever quad on that lake, 2 lakers on divers both pulling sd/flys down about 40 over 60, 1 laker on the rigger with a dodger/spin n glow dragging bottom, and one horse of a brown that took a #9 flicker shad 125' behind a walleye board that unfortunately ended up getting into the rigger cable... can't land em all. one of the fish from that fiasco I think I need to get myself a gopro Back at it after finals are over!
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