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  1. Get a good fish finder and learn how to use it. I catch fish out of "temp" all summer long. Fish marks when you can, and fish temp when you have no marks.
  2. I've never jigged Keuka from a boat but my best bait through the ice was a 1 ounce glow flash blade bait. Out produced spoons, raps, plastic, lipless cranks and everything else I had at least 5:1. Couldn't reel it fast enough to get it away from them.
  3. We were the only trolling boat, we put 40 or so fish in the boat. One was good enough for 2nd at like 4.7 something lbs, first was 4.9 I believe, caught jigging. None of the fish had anything in their guts and we marked no bait all day.
  4. Yes hopefully the fair weather fisherman that stayed home come out to play next weekend
  5. FYI there are a few Derby's coming up 4/16 &4/23 canandaigua woodville lake trout only 4/10 and 4/30 25$ per person biggest weight single fish register 6-645 fish 7-3 Fixit4utrail.com
  6. register @ branchport 6-645 fish 7-3 lake trout only 25$/ person biggest weight http://www.fixit4utrail.com/Welcome.php
  7. Fixit4u lake trout derby was moved to tomorrow, spread the word
  8. Tyee, I agree that 100% accuracy is unnecessary being off by ten feet or so is nothing but a flick of tail for most fish.
  9. Get a 300' tape and walk out with your wire and see what your counter says
  10. Very good looking mount, way better looking than a majority of the mount pics I see posted.
  11. FYI this unit has been discontinued and replaced, anti the helix that sells for 250$ new http://www.cabelas.com/product/HUMMINBIRD-HELIX-DI-SONAR/1925188.uts?productVariantId=4048525&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=41-162231426-2&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=GoogleProductAds&WT.z_mc_id1=04059258&rid=20
  12. No, you'll likely need Different actuator on the kicker motor. Not all manufacturers use the same carb/throttle set up
  13. Hmm, the instructions never mentioned any arrow but that would make sense, I'll check it out tonight. Thanks!
  14. Thanks big water, where did you mount the compass in your boat?
  15. Having trouble getting the unit to work correctly, motor is brand new 9.9 honda, boat is 26' starcraft islander (aluminum.) Installed as per instructions, have full manual function of steering and throttle control works great. However when we try to calibrate it as per the manual, with the circles, until the compass calibrates and shuts the unit down on its own, the unit will not hold a course at all. -The wire from the head unit to the compass ball is under the port gunnel, away from any other power/transducer cords. - Compass ball is at least 2' away from any ferrous metals, speakers, radios. it's up in the cuddy, mounted to wooden shelves near the centerline of the boat. - several times now we have gone through the calibration process and the unit shuts off as per the manual, which is supposed to indicate a successful compass calibration, however even after this, and adjusting the rudder gain/sensitivity. the unit always seems to end up going in complete circle. Has anyone installed one of these units? Garmin hasn't been super helpful, and neither has hodges marine where the unit was purchased from. Thanks in advance.
  16. It works I spliced in ~15' of 40# mono, use albright knots for wire-mono connections and change out mono as need be.
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