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  1. All ya gotta do is shoot a text brotha!!! You know now I'm always down to dance on that dance floor. But I dunno if I coulda helped with that net, mine doesn't move that much. Hahaha
  2. I have a 9.9 2 Johnson 2 stroke on my Grady wide open it will go 6.5mph wide open. I had a 6 hp merc 2 stroke and it would only go 4.5mph wide open. Boat is probably about 3000lbs with the big engine. if the price is right, he 8hp might work, just don't expect too much. a buddy runs a 8hp merc 4stroke on a 25ft and I think his goes 3mph wide open. hope that helps man.
  3. Does anyone know where to get or make 12-15lb weights to sell in northern Seneca lake area? I am trying to get one today befor 4. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. That's exactly what I was wondering.
  5. Nick, do you use the meat harnesses, or just the hooks run through the sawbills like the old timers around here do?
  6. Sk8man, did you use herring or sawbellies with those Lake O rigs? I ran them last year with sawbellies and had no luck. I was using the twinkies on them though. Where can you get Herring, and also someone told me that you cant use it durring the Derby because its not a native fish to Seneca. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Does anyone know if the Ramada docks will be open for the Lake Trout Derby? I know they are currently closed off right now for the shoreline project, but just hoping that the 8 slips at the Chamber are not the only ones at the north end for the Derby. Thanks
  8. Fished north end yesterday after work from about 6-8:15 fished east side 60-120'. Marked nothing until we got to east side in about 140-100' heading east out of the . Surface was cold again, 43. My friends wanted to try out their copper rig, so I told them to bring it. I don't know how these guys can enjoy pulling copper, but they produce fish. They end up hooking into one on the good old Indian rig, I got 3 guys trying to get in a fish on one rod thing, I'm trying to drive and rig up a 3 color, I look at my starboard side rigger, and its bouncing up and down, yell, buddy grabs it, Now we have a double. They end up loosing both fish. Marked tons of fish through the area, and get reset and go through again, copper rig hits fish before it's even all the way out. Rigger rod hit the cheater, prob at 50', and copper was a Small NK with orange band with a small flasher in front. Headed back out today after work. Will update after dark tonight. If i am finally hooking into fish, I bet you guys that have been doing this for a while will be able to get some numbers. I don't know how you guys that run charters do it with inexperienced people. I know I have a lot of patience, but when your entire boat is in la-la land and your the only one paying attention, man. I guess I just must really like fishing. I give you a lot of credit. I wish I could Just fish alone, but i need the bodies to get the lines in, Legally. -MARTIN
  9. Thanks a lot guys. I will def have to give them a shot. I was just at runnings and saw them there, But I think I can get them a little cheaper online. I did get a second lead core there though and going to rig it up like YOU mentioned Sean. But would 20LB floro work instead of 30LB mono between the backing and the Lead? I don't have any mono that size but i do have plenty of floro. It will give me 2 leads and one copper. Are these inlines Def worth getting the little flags also? seems like a good idea seeing as the fish here can some times be small cookie cutters from what I hear. Mike, If Get down that way, I just might have to take you up on that demonstration. Thanks Thanks guys for all the Comments and Suggestions. I guess some day I will actually catch some fish, Just getting all set up is just the beginning. And all the help I can get Is very very appreciated. Again thanks.
  10. I have never used Inline boards, and was wondering on some opinions. I currently use my old home made boards and masts, and kind of get annoyed by them. I guess will Inline boards be strong enough to support Lead or Copper? or should I just save the hassle, bite the bullet and upgrade my bulky old boards to Otter boats, Or Maybe just run one fixed board one side and an inline on the other side with lead or copper? I'm Just not a fan of buying things to find out that they don't work the way I want them too. I am currently set up to run 3 on each side, but if I am alone or with one other person it makes more sense to run inlines. I don't Like the way the copper or lead has on the effect of the Fixed line, especially if i am running say two top water out first ant then the lead with a spoon. Although it does seem to pull back and forth similar to the effect of pulling copper, But have yet to get something to take them. Thanks Martin
  11. Ha. I went out right before he got there I passed him on my way out to east side probably 10 mins before as he was in like 7 foot of water on the north end wall.
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