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  1. I have good working furuno FCV-587 and MFD-12 units. Both were surface mounted and have no stands. MFD-12 needs power cord I accidentally threw it out thinking it was for an older unit I had laying around when I just moved. Only have ever had the cover for the 587 none for the plotter.


    looking to get $1200 for the pair located in Utica NY





  2. I have 


    2- 27LC accudepth plus 2 color lead cores


    1- Magda 30DXT 3 color


    1- Magda 30DXT 4 color


    1- Magda 30DXT 5 color


    1- Accudepth 47LC 10 color


    1- Magda 45DXT 10 color


    all are brand new except the 47 which was used for a half a season. All have at least 300 yards of 20lb backing, 18lb lead core and 8 or 10lb flouro leaders all tied with Albright knots.


    looking to get $250obo for the whole lot. Located in Utica but can ship at buyers expense





  3. SectV- I think that’s the state of the sport right now in a lot of people’s eyes and that’s definitely not a good thing. I’ve passed a lot of deer over the last 4 years that for a lot of hunters would be their biggest buck ever. That being said everyone has a different story when it comes to their reasons or access to hunting (lack of accessible land, time, money etc.). If someone wants to shoot a spike or 6 pointer and it makes them happy then who am I or anyone else to bag on them for that.

    The biggest problem is that the guys who think they have a right to every buck they have named on camera and pass up any deer that’s not their “number one hit lister” make the most noise on social media and take the fun out of it for everyone else. The other big part of the problem imo is the guys that shoot small bucks on opening day and then go on social media complaining about there being no big bucks make it hard for the people, who pass up smaller bucks but don’t mind if someone shoots a first racker, to not say anything and that makes it look like there’s a lot higher numbers in the first group I listed.

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  4. My 220 savage is the only thing I have a Nikon on (slughunter) everything else has a 50mm Vx2 or 3 on it. Going to Montana the airlines wing gun cases around like it’s a challenge. All the years I went I shot more than twice to double check it when we got there zero times, guys who went with Nikons and bushnells were always chasing theirs back in.

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  5. I use my grandfathers old .270 110 savage whenever I can sneak it out of my dads safe, he shot his last and I shot my first deer with it the day before what would of been his 91st birthday, I never got to meet him. I also have a 1932 99 Savage
    .300 Savage/410 and think pretty frequently when hunting with either of them about the stories they could tell. In the event that I’m lucky enough to shoot another deer or have grandkids I’ve been thinking about keeping pictures with them in my safe of any deer I shoot with them and a quick story on the back after coming across a journal of my grandfather and great uncles old hunting camp.

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  6. Had a pretty cool experience in the woods today besides finally seeing a buck in gun season. Still hunting in to where I wanted to sit this afternoon I went past this thicket down a heavy used deer trail so it was real quiet with the soft ground. I’m about 5 yards from the edge of the thicket (small trees with branches about 3 feet off the ground) and I look in and see something and thought it looked like a deer body so I pull my scope up on it expecting a dead deer in there and it was a doe with her head pinned to the ground and her ears flattened out almost touching the ground staring at me. I looked a little more and saw 2 more does and was looking for a possible buck for about 2 minutes and all three stayed just like that and never took their eyes off me.

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  7. Saw a deer today on public land! Big body walking into thick stuff when I saw him never saw his head. 10 minutes later shot from the way he was heading, I talked to the guy (older guy) on our way in and told him if I heard him shoot I’d walk over and give him a hand getting whatever out, said the deer was a nice wide 8. We looked for a while but just found some brush he hit and a small clump of white hair. Might as well try the same spot again.

    Also I walked down to the area he came out of before I saw him and there was a fresh ground scrape he must’ve just tore in the middle of the trail.

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  8. Hunted this state land hard today, went with the smallest section since it’s our first time hunting it. My buddy saw 5 does (I was hoping we could get him one of those 2.5 year old typical public land NY 8’s he’s only shot one buck and one doe since I got him started hunting) and of course we have no permits for here, I had a shot at a really nice buck out about 200 yards in the timber while still hunting but I never saw his head until he picked it up to bust out because I believe he winded me (hardly any wind and didn’t realize I had got spun around with it at my back still hunting.) All in all it was an awesome day though I gotta get my buddies to come out with me more.

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  9. Haven’t been hunting the last week, kinda not feeling it with nobody to go with makes bow season no fun. Got my buddy to go with me today to check out about 4500 acres of state land a little south of home. He walked 50 feet into the woods and saw 2 doe and a small buck and I’m on the track of a probably 2.5 year old now. With a 1958 Savage that’s been shot 5 times ever and that was when I sighted it in last year. I see one 8 points and to the ears and the guns getting deflowered today.6d37c82259bc572649130923fc980a44.jpg

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  10. I’m sick of the neighbor will kill if I don’t argument
    He may but I know one thing for sure if I shoot him he’s dead for sure

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    YES! There’s guys that hunt all around 3 of the pieces of land I hunt and guys that gun hunt on a piece I bow hunt. I still pass up deer every year and have trail cam pics of them after the season. Where they end up after that I don’t know though because I don’t get a shot at them once they’re smart. Lol

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