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  1. Got all the stuff i need for my ozone “scent crusher tote”one of the fittings will be feed one return on far side of the box and some guys that have done them said they have to seal the lid with plastic or something for it to really work well so I bought some weatherstripping to go around mine to look less “cobbled”. Just waiting on the generator from amazon, same one the scent crusher uses and it has wall outlet and cigarette lighter plug, $69.99 on amazon. All together I’ll have about $120 into it and it’s much bigger than the scent crusher that’s $300.

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  2. Just a matter of time. Hardly a coyote, nevertheless bobcat in my area as a kid. My father spent his life in the woods and never saw those things until recently. Ny has a decent moose population now as well. I wouldn't doubt in ten years they will be a concern while walking to your stand in the dark.

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    I would doubt that. I’ve spent a lot of time in NW Montana and Northern Idaho, cougars need a lot more territory than is offered in all but few parts of NY and they’re not fond of being around people at all.

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  3. Congrats, nice buck!

    I was gone with work until the 10th of October and had sold my bow in August and never made time to buy a new one, pretty easy decision I would just hunt my northern zone spot for this year and buy a new 2019 in the spring. Last weekend sitting in the woods with rifle in hand I couldn’t take it any longer and made the decision to buy a new bow Monday after work. Spent a little more than I had planned but I shot as much as I could this week and will be headed down to my southern zone spot this weekend to spend some time in the woods actually seeing deer.

    (They say shoot as many bows as possible when looking for a new one. I say shoot one and if you really like it buy that one because the next 4 or 5 you shoot are going to make the decision making process very difficult.)

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  4. Knocked my bow out of my stand last year 1 day into a week off for hunting. Mine hit the bottom rung of the ladder though and cracked a limb. Somehow I stopped at a bow shop down the road to inquire how long it would take to get a set of limbs, he said probably 3-5 days then all the sudden stood up and walked to the back of the shop. Someone had ordered a set of heavier limbs for their bow of the same model and never picked them up. Glad it worked out quickly for you.

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  5. Last night was almost a complete bust. I saw one lone mature doe at dusk. I wanted to get out of the stand, so I tried to move her on her way by grunting. Instead, she looked up at me and walked straight to the tree! Then proceeded to calmly move downwind and toward the field. Chalk up another win for ozone, I guess.

    What ozone system do you use?

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  6. Sat for the first time this season up north for muzzleloader. An unidentifed deer busted out on my walk in. About 30 minutes before legal light I had 3 does walk in front of me, 2 small and a big doe. Big doe goes into the brush before the clearing first so I get ready and shoot her when she walks out. As soon as the smoke cleared I knew I screwed up because the deer laying there was not big. To make matters worse it ended up being a button buck. A little rough on the pride side of things (and knowing I took a potential future stud out) but I know plenty of people that have done it and it’s still more meat than I had in the freezer this morning.





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  7. I don’t even have a bow for this season yet and I’m gonna be leaving for New Zealand friday for work for a minimum of 2 weeks. I’m not too concerned about letting a few of my spots sit a little longer though.

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  8. Finished the hatch last night. The Baltek coring was easy to work with and the West system expoxy was pretty fool proof if you read the instructions. Picture is from this morning after i took the weight that was holding the coring down off it. Seems like it got a good bond and is very solid. I filled any voids around the edges and between pieces with thickened epoxy and it seemed to fill the voids well now that it’s dry.IMG_1474.JPG

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  9. Got all stripes removed, most thru hull drains out (plastic and one was cracked, going bronze), motors are almost ready to go in and 2/3 of the boat is buffed (won’t wax until new stripes are on), just got my new deck hatch coring so I’ll start that tonight and I have Thursday-Monday off so hopefully in the water by Tuesday. Almost forgot I picked up the new interior yesterday and it looks 1000 times better. Finally all coming together.IMG_1469.JPGIMG_1470.JPGIMG_1471.JPG

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  10. Wow, you are speaking a whole different language with all that fiberglass repair work. I wouldn't know where to start, let alone what to do or how to do it. Keep plugging away, it's gonna look like new when you're finished!

    I’m not even 100% sure of what I’m doing. I’m kind of a YouTube and fake it till I make it kinda guy. Figure it’s better to trial and error and figure it out while I’m young so I’ll know what I’m doing down the road if I have to do it again.

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  11. Today I took my hatches to the basement to recore the one that was soft and the other depending on how much of a pain in the balls that one was. I was working hard to get a little of what there was left of solid balsa off the top skin of fiberglass. My uncle who does finish work came down and saw what I was doing and ran up to his truck and got me one of those oscillating dremel cutting tool deals. I put the wide half moon looking blade on there and it works perfectly. Wide enough to keep from cutting into the skin and cuts under the core material perfectly to get it off the glass.

    If anyone needs to recore deck hatches I HIGHLY recommend investing in one of these tools. What it took me an hour to get done with a wide chisel scraper I got done in 5 minutes with this tool.

    Pics show how bad this one hatch is weighed probably 50lbs more than the other one of the same size. Image1525663484.581185.jpgImage1525663495.475913.jpg

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  12. Fished with Dave on the .com last year for bottom fish with some guys from work. Him and Sandro were really good guys and Dave actually showed a lot of interest and asked a lot of questions about how we fish. His boat is seriously impressive, the day we went out it was 10-12 footers and he parked it into the wind and the boat soaked almost everything up. I didn’t ask them too much about the show because i figured he was sick of those questions but he did say they get much less per pound but catch usually around 90-100 fish a year. IMG_0422.JPGIMG_0426.JPGIMG_0525.JPG

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