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  1. I would replace all the lines and the anti-siphon valve on the tank. Had the same problem and it was the anti-siphon valve.
  2. Honda it has the best charging system.
  3. Been tring it for years with ocean rigs with no real success
  4. Looking for an observer for the 2013 WHI. Please PM me if you are interested.
  5. You should try Warrior Spoons. I have been running them for years and never had a problem with paint coming off. We were there for the WHI and ran them all week. The only paint that came off was from fish swallowing them down to the gut.
  6. Big Papa Sportfishing Products makes great bag and they will custom make any size.
  7. We are also offering to take our observer out on a fishing trip the week before on our fully loaded 35' Pursuit
  8. We are in need of an observer for WHI. We will pay $100.00 for the day. Please PM me if you are interested.
  9. There is a guy named Todd who worked at fishlander at the end and he has some leaved over parts. His number is 231-633-0834 or you could email his at [email protected]
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