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  1. I just acquired 2 Penn 310 GTi reels on Penn Fanthom Master rods. I was wondering if reeling is supposed to engage the brake? I can reel and reel and the spool won't engage. I don't think this is normal but I have never owned Penns. I got these from a family member that used them twice. Thanks, Chas
  2. Ya I thought about not using the alligator clips but once all my rubber bands are gone I am going to get some rubber hose for the clips and use them like my off-shore releases. I figured they would be ready for the rubber hose.
  3. I use a Humminbird 727 and couldn't be happier with the quad beam setup (90* of sonar coverage.) I recently bought a Lowrance m68c/map on black firday at bass pro and so far it is a nice gps. I was mainly just looking for something that gives me a track line and can save waypoints for when I get on large bait clouds and shoals. I do wish I could upgrade the maps but for the price I can't complain.
  4. I just purchased a boat last year it's a 1981 Pro-Line 230 W/A with the name Sea Mist out of Sodus Bay NY. I figured if I could get some history on the boat it would be pretty neat. I guess the previous owner lived in NY and trailered the boat down to FL during the winter months to fish off-shore and assume fished out of Sodus Bay during the summer. Any info on the boat whether you knew the Cap. or seen it let me know! Thanks, Chas
  5. I am actually planing on using rubber bands on my braid. I'm not a fan of mono but will run a mono leader to give some stretch. I mostly walleye fish but plan to do some april trolling for browns and steelies. I figure too with rubber bands it will be easier to read the smaller finicky walleyes and perch.
  6. I have been lurking around these forums for a while and figured i would finally post. Here is what I have for everyone hope you enjoy. Ok so I have looked high and low for someone that has made these style releases. I was able to find tid-bits of information on different releases and decided to go for it. Mind you I have not used these yet but I will be using rubber bands in the mouth of the clips. If I did the math correctly these cost me ~ $0.36/ea. yes 36 cents each when they are charging upwards of $5.00/ea. for similar style releases. In the long run I will buy a bunch of the Off-shore releases but for now this will do and should be much easier to read when smaller fish are on because of the stretch in the rubber bands. This is what I came up with: 100 shower curtian hooks $11.99 100 Stainless Steel Size 8 split rings $12.88 100 Alligator clips with plastic shields $10.98 Parts laid out: Inserting the split ring thru the hole in the alligator clip: Inserting the clip back into the plastic sleeve: Lastly all I did was push the shower curtian hook thru the plastic sleeve and split ring: Here are 50 of the 100: Hope this helps someone in the future that decides to save themselves some money. Good fishing to all! Chas
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