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  1. Lucky craft squarebill crankbait, or a senko on a weighted swim bait hook for Fair haven bay
  2. There is a guy in Elbridge Ny that repaired a bunch of my rods this year and he also builds split bamboo fly rods he is really cheap and does great work. I was freaked when I had a mouse chew 2 handles on my Team diawa rods and he made them great again. His name is Dave and his number is 315 689 7896. Great guy and the person that recommended him to me says he could fix a rain cloud and I kinda don't doubt that now.
  3. Not sure if the buoys are out on Grass Island yet maybe just milk jugs but like Morgan-E said stay to the east side of the bay and you will be fine.
  4. Pleasant beach around 100 a night with clean rooms a great bar and food docks right there. 315 947 5399. H and Bonnie are great people
  5. Yeah they sem to be drawn to my 42 fountain like fly's LOL. Even with the receipt they still always think that you are doing something wrong or just want to check the boat out. The last few times I was cool with them and asked if I could dock first and then they could go to town and they were ok with that. Yeah those outboards on that thing are more than enough lol
  6. I understand that they are good to have around and are a necessary thing to have. But when they give supposed safety checks 5-6 times a summer because you have a nice boat etc then it gets a little overboard. I have nothing to hide on the boat and do not mind having a check done but not everytime we come down for dinner or a concert behind the hotels. As for Harborfest people do make a mess of the bathroom which is total disrespect. I stay at wrights for the week with my offshore boat and can't believe how much people dont care and I hope they wouldn't do that to there own house. Another huge bonus for Oswego is probably one of the best Mexicain restaurants in the area a block or 2 from the river.
  7. And coast guard patrols and stops to go with the beers and girls.
  8. where is oswego marina from the picture it looks like the one down by the hotels but Iam not sure. I can help on monday if needed just need to know exactly where and what time. JJ 315 224 8919
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