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  1. Good temp and bait in 30 to 40 from Sandy to the Pumphouse but crazy weed. If the north wind picks up a bit it could blow it on shore. Tried 80 to 100 and couldn't keep the Lakers off. Did manage a couple bows and shaker kings. Didn't have time to get off shore. If the weed gets blown in shallow water could be a good bet for the AM.

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  2. No voting necessary. It is the fish of the year. Don't tell me I'm bias either

    Its is for sure so far.  Not many Bows and Browns caught each year over 20 and at that point every additional pound is exponentially  tougher. Kings over 40 are getting more rare every year as well.  Special fish for sure!

  3. Starts right up and runs perfect. After about 15 to 30 minutes it shuts off like you turned off the key. For the next ten minutes you turn the key and it starts up and dies. Again and again and again. After fifteen to twenty times she fires and runs and never quits again for the rest of the trip. Swear at that point she would troll to china. Air, spark or fuel? Have tried all but again I just fire the main till she's back online and she is good for the rest of the day. Have had some pretty good techs check it out but so far nothing has fixed it.

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  4. Great morning out of Sandy. Good temp and pearl green water in 15ft. Action all morning with browns, small kings and a nice bow. Lost a big fish that broke off a j9. Chartreuse Rapalas off the boards and black and silver. 28's off the riggers. The rains made for a great mudline east although west of the creek had great color as well.

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