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  1. 2 hours ago, Legacy said:

    November 19 am
    28 degrees
    SW wind 10-15 mph

    Opening day gun season

    Well my archery season wasn't what I had hope for. Damn work got in the way of hunting. The last two days I was hesitant of hunting because of the wind. A steady light wind works for where I wanted to be but not a heavy gusty wind so I stayed out. And I'm glad I did.

    I got in stand about 610 or so and slowly got settled in with hundred layers. Before I even got my jacket on I had a buck sneak past me about 30 yards. It was too dark to tell which buck it was but of course I was convinced it was one of my target bucks. Ill admit... it screwed with my head a bit.
    Gun shots started ringing out about 639ish from every direction. Then about 715 I noticed movement cutting down the same spot cruising bucks have been using for 2 weeks. Things happen fast. It doesn't take long to realize he's a shooter. I stand turn to my right. Rest the gun on the tree. The deer just happens to stop at 30 yards and I pull the trigger. He dropped in his tracks but I got hit high. 9x scope at 30 yards I guess I should have held down on him. I had to finish him off with a second shot. If only the guy shooting was as good as the gun. emoji38.png.

    To my surprise i have no history with this deer. Big thick wide 9pt with split g2. I'll be patiently waiting on the late season to start!

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    Beautiful buck Rob

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