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  1. 1 hour ago, HB2 said:

    Sorry guys , it's BS 


    You can justify it in your mind any way you want . It just ain't right . 


    Sorry if your  neck gets sore staring at a live scope when you can actually in real time place your bait in front of the fish  and watch them hit it . 


    A long time ago I asked a question to some out there . 


    It was " if they made some sort of electronic device that every time  you were around  a fish  it would automatically hit your lure , would you buy it ? " 


    Sadly , there are some that would rush right out and buy it . And we would be in Hell. 


    And then  post pics on here and be proud of themselves . 


    Where will this end , probably not in a good place.  


    I'm glad I'm old , I see the thing I love to do more than anything turned into a joke . 






    You aren’t wrong for having an opinion, others aren’t wrong for having their own personal choices. Your boat, your choice. I’m a minimalist when it comes to Lake O. I will say when I fish with others here, on their boats, I enjoy watching what they do. 

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