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  1. Went looking for browns this morning with my wife. Lines in at 730 in 50 foot of water and headed west. Had 60 degrees down 40 but as I moved west it got colder and the water color became less attractive.
    Pulled a 180 and headed East and quickly found temp, color and a few fish.
    Managed 3 browns but nothing over 8 pounds. As we got to Braddocks we popped two kings. One on a slide dipsy back 100 from the diver out 90 and one on a rigger parked at 30.
    Nothing crazy but an enjoyable morning. IMG_3091.JPGIMG_3092.JPG

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  2. Set up at 730 looking for browns. By 10 had only caught one small one 50 down over 60 on a NK mag. At 1030 the rigger at 50 takes off and we got a 26lb king out of 65 degree water. Great fight and a clean release.
    Back out from 130 to 430 in 100 feet and and only one hit but it was a feisty low teens bow. (14 according to the Boga). Might have cashed for big bow of the day but wasn’t bleeding and nice to see it swim off. Besides it’s a haul to weigh in at the River.
    Didn’t catch much today but it was beautiful out and much enjoyed. IMG_3072.thumb.JPG.89dc1a538bf0d4f569d415b6e074d807.JPGIMG_3073.thumb.JPG.852cd49bd0a7fa542e12e7f2c46b7f39.JPG
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