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  1. 3 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

    Brayden shot his second deer this evening.  75 yd shot, deer quartered to us as he shot. Here is the story:   We have been seeing deer pour into a cut bean field every night and figured it would be a good way for Brayden to shoot his second deer.  We got set up in a hedgerow on the South side of the field.  Wind was NNE all afternoon so it was perfect.  At 4:25, I see a nice buck step out of the hedgerow at 75 yds.  Brayden slowly swings the .270 in the tripod onto the buck.  He asks me if he can take him and I have him the thumbs up.  As he clicks the safety off, the buck raises his head and bolts into the hedgerow!  Ten minutes later, I see a tail flicker in the same hedgerow in the same area.  Out steps a button buck and a doe.  He slipped his hearing protection on and I told him to shoot the deer on the right.  He didn’t hear me and pulled the trigger on the button buck.🤦🏻‍♂️  I watched the doe run off uninjured.  Brayden pulled off his hearing protection and I asked him which deer he shot.  He said the one on the left.  After a call to the neighbor to get permission to go on his property, the track job was pretty short but into the thickest brush on the planet.  After a short search, we recovered his second deer in his second season of deer hunting!  I will get some better photos tomorrow in the day light.  


    That’s a great job!

  2. 43 minutes ago, Chicong said:

     I have owned boats for almost 40 years. Built engines and raced hydroplanes.  I’ve built stock cars from the ground up.  I bought a boat from them three years ago new for almost $40K and it has had constant electrical problems.  OK. I get it.  Sometimes you buy a lemon.  But they don’t honor warranties.  They’ve lied to me.   And they have treated me like I was an enemy. I’m reasonable.  I’m patient.  But I just can’t deal with them anymore.  Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the same?  Man. This is awful.  I wish I never bought a boat there.  



    What’s the nature of the issue?

  3. Been slow. Very few pics and not seeing anything exciting. Pretty 2and a half 8 with white antlers  has been walking by me more than a couple times. Good news is we did get a pic of the best one we have on camera a few days ago. 
    Hopefully he stays around. 

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