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  1. Did well for kings week of April last year off Port Dalhousie, all depends on water temps. Once you see consistent mid 40's it's go time.
  2. Any warm water outflows that way? If so, that's where I'd be headed if you can't make it to the southern shore of Lake O.
  3. How much of a lead behind the boards do you usually run?
  4. crossborderpickups.ca is what I use for most of my US shipments. Best part is I usually end up declaring the value
  5. Yeah, that's a big big assumption lol. Personally I make sure the fish burps itself before it's brought into the boat. If I don't see air bubbles, it stays 10-15ft down until I do. Also no grips or vertical holds and I usually dive bomb them back in. I haven't had a floater that I can remember and usually see them back down to the bottom on the graph in no time.
  6. I'd probably be more up in arms if these fish actually had any spawning water to get to, but they don't especially on the south shore of Lake O. I don't like seeing zipped fish in the river either, take the fish home and do what you want with it. I was down at Burt years ago and took some eggs from a female chinook that was spewing them as soon as she was out of the water. I took some eggs and released her. As I was walking back up to my vehicle I got a visit from the CO and a ticket. Apparently I wasn't allowed to take the eggs without keeping the fish. Which I find really odd as those eggs just should have counted towards my possession limit for the day. CO even told me just to toss the fish in the dumpster when I was leaving and all would have been legal. Ridiculous if you ask me.
  7. Beauty lakers! Now just get rid of that boca grip and don't hold those big fish vertical and we'll have nothing to complain about Congrats on the almost newborn!
  8. Nice job man! Especially with the kids on board. Gotta keep them occupied, lol.
  9. I would have killed to see a screen like that last week off Weller, lol!
  10. Let's hope all that warm water moved towards Wellar and Port D It's been slooooooow on this side of the border.
  11. Email sent (no access to the PM feature yet unfortunately)
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