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  1. I don't bother fishing lake trout in warm temps. Spring/fall only usually. A good tip is to make sure the fish has burped before bringing it into the boat (lake trout). If I don't see air bubbles it stays down there until I do.
  2. Tail is a dead giveaway. Good job at not keeping it out of the water doing a thorough examination on it, lol! Sometimes they look extremely different sometimes it's really hard to tell.
  3. Mother nature telling you boys to stay home, lol.
  4. I hate it as well, trust me. Problem is 90% of people will use common sense and fish either alone or with someone in their household. The other 10% will be out there with their buddies. The number of boats really shouldn't matter to be honest.
  5. You think they aren't? Since when is the sport we love so much not shared among friends? I'm not lumping everyone into the same group here, I fish solo and I know a lot of guys that have fished solo after all this craziness has happened. The problem is there are people out there that think this doesn't affect them. Being an essential service makes no difference at all. I'm deemed essential as well, you're not going to find any of my co-workers in my boat because we've been given that ridiculous title. The problem is common sense isn't so common, this is the reason ramps are being closed down because some people cannot be trusted to do the right thing.
  6. The problem isn't the guys following the rules, it's the idiots out there fishing with their buddies. You can't be that short sighted to not understand that can you?
  7. Gotta sue someone! lol what a mentality to have with what's currently going on in the world. Do everyone a favour and stay home. The sooner more people do the sooner we'll all be back out fishing.
  8. That sounds like a 1 in a million problem to be worrying about
  9. Did well for kings week of April last year off Port Dalhousie, all depends on water temps. Once you see consistent mid 40's it's go time.
  10. Any warm water outflows that way? If so, that's where I'd be headed if you can't make it to the southern shore of Lake O.
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