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  1. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/index.php/topic/37590-ruff-rider-video-tutorial-how-to-run-copper/ Here is ruffriders video on how he sets up and runs his copper. I don't know if this helps at all but I found it pretty cool. That guy really seems like a real class act, and I never met him before. He is very helpful and always sharing information.
  2. Very cool! I'm sure that was a pretty neat adventure. How long did it take you to get out? Just curious, not looking to go. I wouldnt have that kind of faith in my 18' aluminum...
  3. Very cool man. Looks like you put some money into that boat! Looks good!
  4. I respect that! Nice post. I run an 18' aluminum and feel really small out there also. Thanks for the post, nice to keep informed when I'm 3 hours away...
  5. Normally fish out of Oswego and stay in a hotel. Thinking about taking a camping trip with my fiance and looking for a nice place to camp with a boat launch to fish the big O. Looking into Fair Haven state park. Any help or insight on camping as well as fishing would be great. Thanks as usual everyone. Looking to go Wednesday and Thursday next week.
  6. Well ended up getting set up with two 300 coppers from bretts on the bay. I couldn't find it because I thought you said brents on the bay. Seems like that place really has it together. Thanks for the input fellas
  7. Thanks for the response. (pd buoy) I can't find anything on brents by the bay online? Not sure how to find it... (luv 2 rapala) thanks for the offer but that is a little more then i really want to pay. I did however recieve a private message about two penn 330's, I think i might go that rought. Thanks for the imput and keep it coming.
  8. Second year on lake O and looking for copper set ups at a reasonable price. Anyone out there with something to offer let me know. Thanks in advance.
  9. I can't get my pm to go through in the area I'm at at work. I would like to take the 36 assorted fully rigged flies. I will contact you through pm to see about payment, I do not have phone service until tomorrow while at work. Thanks in advance.
  10. Can you give me some more insight? I'm having trouble finding the add?
  11. Very good post. Heading up again tomorrow out of oswego. Will post when i get home.
  12. haha. That's what i was thinking. Decided to spend all day getting the 16' footer i have ready. Hope the waves arn't too bad. WOuld be really bummed to drive 3.5 and not get out. Called the notary where i bought the boat, said my stickers and papers will be in thursday. Go figure, the day i'll be going home.
  13. Hello everyone. Completely new to ontario salmon fishing but am giving it a go tomorrow? Wondering where i can find the boating laws for Lake O. I will be launching a 18' aluminum starcraft and I'm looking for asnwers to stay within compliance. How often does NY state enforcement officials stop someone launching from Oswego. The reason I ask is this is a new boat and I'm not sure if my boat is technically registered yet. With the holiday weekend I was unable to call to see if my paperwork is in yet and was wondering if I am able to take the boat out. I met with the previous owner thursday and filled out all the paperwork and paid my taxes and fee's. I am from pa as well if that helps. I can take my aluminum 16' starcraft but feel I'd rather bring a slightly larger boat... Any input would be greatly appreciated because I'm planning on leaving tomorrow afternoon. Thanks so much
  14. Thanks for the call. I have been working crazy hours as I just got home and its 2:00 am. I didn't realize how far you are from me, just not willing to drive that far. My apologies again and I appreciate you getting back to me.
  15. Tried to pm you for more info, but having trouble. My number is 570-582-9529. Thanks
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