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  1. Forgot to include that the boat is located in Pittsburgh, PA. We fish out of Olcott several times each year. You can e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions about the boat. Thanks, Matt
  2. 1999 Trophy 2052 $11,000 Hate to do it, but must sell because moving. The boat runs great and is turnkey ready for water. We used this mostly on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and it is a near perfect boat for the great lakes. We were able to go out and fish even on the rough days. Handles rough water wonderfully. Most Trophy boats this size have underpowered 125 hp Mercury Force outboards and can have trouble planing with a crew aboard. Not this beauty, she is up on plane without a problem, thanks to the 210 horsepower. In fact, she will top out at 40+ mph. We used it last weekend on Lake Erie. Professionally serviced and maintained each spring. 21’ 6†length 210 horsepower 4.3 liter 6 cylinder Mercruiser inboard/outboard Custom hardtop by Atlantic Towers with rear facing cockpit lights and rocket launchers. Clear front and side curtains new this spring. Tandem axle EZ Loader trailer with new 4 new tires last fall New bearing buddies on trailer this spring. Garmin 188C combination GPS/fishfinder Marine VHF radio Hydraulic trim tabs 2 big marine batteries, one house and one engine. new last year. Also a Blue Sea Systems battery switch with automated charging of both batteries. Wired for downriggers (had Cannon mag 10s installed, not included) 3 adjustable rod holders Currently set-up with a trolling board across the stern so you can add more riggers, rod holders, etc without putting holes in boat. Board is mounted to rear cleats, and can be easily removed. Swim platform. 2 fishwells and 1 bait well. Comes with anchor and 150’ of rope. Dock ties. 5 dock bumpers. About 10 life jackets in great condition, including child and infant sizes.
  3. Over the past 2 years, she has probably reeled in 5x as many 20+ lb kings as I have. And its not like I always let her take the screamers. We pretty much alternate who reels/drives when we're fishing but, like you said, she seems to have the magic touch! As far as new friends are concerned, that's been our experience at Olcott just about every time we go. We always seem to meet new friends there who help us out with fishing tactics. Now, they don't always give us 80 lbs of salmon, but we're always amazed how willing people are to share their secret lures, spots, etc.. to help others. Like our neighbor Frank told us, "It's not like we're fishign against you in a million dollar tournament, so why not share what's working?" Its really a great place with really nice fishermen. We plan to be back Labor Day weekend and will hopefully post more pics and update. May also have the boat for sale after that trip as well. We're probably moving and won't need a large boat, so I'll get some pics together and figure out a price, but our Trophy 2052 which in my mind is a perfect Lake O boat and served us well for 2 years may be listed if anyone is interested in looking at it while we're up there. It's going to kill me to sell the boat, because we've spent so much time adding stuff to get her ready for salmon fishing.
  4. I use powerpro braid under the wire connected with an albright knot. Can take a couple tries to get a good knot because of the stiffness of the wire, but it can be done. I also cover the knot with plyobond to make sure it goes through the eyes without snagging. http://www.animatedknots.com/albright/. I let the glue dry over night before spooling the wire over it. So far so good, but haven't had many fish get us into the backing.
  5. We also fished olcott this past weekend. Our report: Friday 7/12: Went out at 7:30 am. Made it out to about 90 fow, but it was too rough for our liking. Our decision to return to harbor was cinched when we saw the 35' Renee Anne coming in and figured our 22' should do the same. The time spent sitting on the boat docked in Newfane Marina waiting on the weather to change was well spent however. We chatted with our slip neighbors, who like us, also hail from Pittsburgh. Their boat, Reel Scream, is a beautiful vessel and Frank was kind enough to share some valuable salmon fishing knowledge with us greenhorns. The lake calmed down a bit around noon and we fished from noon to about 4 pm, but only were able to boat one steelie. Sat 7/13: My wife Caroline and I had my brother and sister-in-law on deck. Again, a bit bumpy out but fishable. We only managed two 8-10 lb kings and 3 keeper steelies, and had a great time out there. Back at the dock, we met some more nice folks, including finally meeting Mr. Trophy from aboard the Salmon Obsession whom we have chatted on the radio with before as he as nearly the same boat as we do. Very nice guy and hope to bump into him again. The LOTSA tournament was today and our slip neighbor, Frank placed 4th. We were admiring his fish when he asked if we wanted them. Umm...yea we do! We absolutely love to eat Salmon and so do plenty of our friends back in Pa. When we told Frank this, he made a few calls and before we knew it, we were given 3 20+ pound kings to clean! What a great guy with awesome friends. My brother and I split the catch and we'll be able to fill several smokers with fish this summer. Frank even showed us some of his fish cleaning tips which worked very well. Great day! Sun 7/14: Caroline and I went out at about 6:30 am. Calm, flat lake. Fishing also started out great when Caroline landed a 22 lb king on flasher/fly on wire dipsy down about 80' before we even had the lines out. I then picked up a 8 lb coho on f/f about 60 ft down a half hour later. She was next up and we knew we had a nice one on when for a full 30 seconds after the wire dipsy with watermelon spinny and fly started singing all she could do was hold on as the fish took her from 180 (3 setting, no ring) to 700 ft out on the line counter. Thank goodness for powerpro backing! After a 30 minute battle, Caroline boated a beautiful 24 pound king.We managed one additional steelhead and called it a day at 3 pm or so. Mon 7/15: Caroline and I had my mother on board, who hasn't fished in over 25 years. I think the main reason she came is that I joked with her a while back that I didnt know if she could reel in a big king anymore. Well, I was proven wrong when the 80' rigger fired 10 minutes into the day and she landed a 15 pound king on f/f. About 1.5 hours later, a wire dipsy fires with what feel like a nice king and then the 40 rigger goes. After a crazy 15 minutes, we landed both fish which turned out to be a nice steelie (which was on the free slider on the rigger) and another 15 pound king. We managed one more 12 lb king and called it a day at 11:30 because Caroline and I had to drive back to pittsburgh. Overall a great trip and once again made new friends in Olcott. We came home with about 80 pounds of Salmon fillets (Thanks Frank!) to share among our friends. What a wonderful place and spectacular fishery. Will probably be back in about a month depending on work schedules. We can't wait!
  6. Wow...awesome fish. Looks like you need a bigger net! What end of the lake?
  7. I read similar when I did my boat. Although ny first thought was treated would be good, others suggested otherwise. Marine grade ply is very pricey so I found a lumber yard that had nice quality 7 ply that I sealed very well with primer and outdoor paint. I believe marine is 13 ply typically but not sure. Epoxy would also work well i bet. And used silicone in every hole for rivet or screw.
  8. I cut pieces of aluminum about 6 inches wider than the diameter of the circle made by the bolt holes in the pedestal base to serve as reinforcement backing under the ply. Or if u have room, you can double up plywood where the seats will be. Make sure to check under deck flotation foam when u replace the floor. Mine was rotted and needed replaced. After researching it, I ended up using a bunch of foam pool floats (the kind kids use at the pool). It worked really well and dampened noises and shock of running through waves. But they also make products specifically for that purpose but are expensive. I ended up using a product called kiwi grip as final non slip coating. Worked out very nice but the sand paper paint would also likely work for less $ but won't be as grippy as the kiwi grip. Also check out thehulltruth.com forums. Lots of good info on there about replacing tin boat wood decks.
  9. Nice work! The reports are starting to sound very good. Can't wait to try our luck for a long weekend starting Friday!
  10. Man, I envy those out on the lake as I sit here in Pittsburgh reading the reports. I'll be back on Lake O, slipped in Wilson, for 4 days end of next week. Thx for the reports. -Matt
  11. homosezwhat trolling fly Big weenie brand
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